How Do You Organize Your TBR List?

One of the biggest book-related issues I’m facing right now is how to organize my TBR pile. As a reviewer and book blogger, I’m often working ahead, reading books three to four months before they release, and rarely have a chance to look back. But that doesn’t mean there aren't previously published books I want to read! Here’s an example: Right now, I have a very juicy July book I want to read ASAP, but am also paused on J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover, which I recently bought during that epic ebook sale, and am reading purely for pleasure. Not to mention I have to finish Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which was given to me as part of RT’s 2014 Reading Challenge. And, I have a small press ebook and self-published ebook I want to review at some point in the near future. If you’ve lost track, that’s five books. And that’s just what I have for the next two to three weeks, not to mention what's just waiting on my Kindle for a spare moment. Because did I mention I have a somewhat serious ebook hoarding problem, in addition to all this work reading? Yea.

The cover of Daughter of Smoke and Bone     The cover of Dark Lover

Hello books, I'd like to finish you soon.

For some people, reading a book in a day is no problem. For me, I need two to seven days, depending on the length and type of story. I can read a soap-y erotic romance in less time than it takes me to read a thick sci fi novel. I know I can only consume so much, but the book buffet is big, and dammit, I can’t help but want to gorge myself sick. I even have nonfiction books I’d like to read at some point before I die, but the thought of making room for them in my reading schedule feels pretty much impossible.

Debby from Snuggly Oranges posted on how she manages her TBR list — with a detailed spreadsheet. And Dear Author has this handy tutorial on how to use Calibre to manage your TBR. This is something that obviously would be in my best interest to use, and while I love spreadsheets for everything work-related (I have a google doc for basically everything, except maybe for a list of all my google docs, though, hmm …), my TBR list feels like a whole different animal. Calibre seems useful, but I’d have to sit down and figure it out and I’m not sure if it’d be worth it. Last year I used Goodreads to help manage my reading, but lately I’ve been turned off by it and similar sites. Currently, my method is to scroll through my Kindle carousel and prioritize based on what I know I need to read from memory. If I have a print version of a book to read, it goes in my purse until I’m finished, and then I rotate it out for my next print book (this is in addition to my Kindle, of course).

So, fellow readers, I need your help! How do you manage a TBR list of doom? Do you just embrace the insanity and enjoy the ride, or do you try and organize it somehow? Tell me, please, before I drown in books!