How NYC's High Line Inspired Alyssa Day's Latest Series

When I came up with the idea of Bordertown as the setting for my new paranormal romance series, The League of the Black Swan, I knew that it would be a frontier town situated between the human, Fae, and demon realms and located beneath, between, and behind the streets of Manhattan. But I didn’t know where to put it! So, I turned to two wonderful friends for help. 

Sarah Wendell, owner of the romance blog site Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, pointed me to the High Line Park, an amazing community park and garden space that was created out of an abandoned railroad track that runs right through the lower west side of Manhattan. Another friend, RT’s own Morgan Doremus, also loves the High Line Park and was kind enough to take a series of amazing pictures that I posted on my bulletin board for inspiration. 

To a writer, who creates entire worlds out of the sometimes dark and dangerous places inside her own imagination, the High Line was an inspiration: Beauty created from ruin. I hope you get a chance to visit, in person and in my new book The Cursed, first in the League of the Black Swan!


A terrific shot of the view that gave me inspiration.


A lovely shot that reflects beauty created from destruction; the repurposing of a condemned/unusable space to be a lovely garden.


This is the area I envisioned as where Rio and Luke can have a private conversation without normal people from the human realm seeing them.


This picture gave me an idea of foot traffic.


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