How to Survive Life with the Ton: Cara Elliott's Etiquette Guide

Have you ever thought how you would fare in a season with the ton? (We totally have. We’d like to think we’d be the belle of the ball, but we know we’d actually be destined for wallflower status.) Well today Cara Elliott is here to tell us how her heroine, Anna Sloane, survives her season, and maybe even gets the guy, er, gentleman, in her latest Hellions of High Street title, Sinfully Yours.


Anna Sloane’s Top Five Secrets for Surviving the London Season

1. Carry an extra large reticule. It’s very useful to hold the books you intend to read when you sneak off to a side parlor while your mother and her friends are gossiping during the tedious rounds of morning calls.

2. A fringed shawl is very useful in covering up a small notebook and pencil. That way, no one can tell that you’re jotting plot notes for your next racy romance novel while sitting demurely and waiting for one of your many ardent admirers to fetch you a glass of ratafia punch.

3. Wear very pointy shoes to a fancy ball, preferably with a carpet tack discreetly sticking out from the toes. A few discreet kicks will discourage a boring gentleman from asking you to dance again.

4. When the chaperones aren’t looking, sneak away from the ballroom and find a deserted outdoor terrace so that you can take a break from the need to be polite and charming to all conceited popinjays. A breath of fresh air and the cool caress of the night breeze is always very soothing, however

5. It is VERY important to check that said terrace is NOT occupied by a sinfully handsome rake who is just as bored by Society as you are. Because, as you well know, secret passions—such as writing risqué novel and dashingly sexy heroes—can lead a lady into scandalously dangerous trouble.

Want to know how it all turns out for Anna? Then check out Sinfully Yours, out tomorrow! And for more historical stories of love and adventure, visit our Everything Romance page!