How We Spent Our Summer Vacation: With Genies!

Whether in a bottle or not, today’s genies are looking to rub readers the right way, and obliging authors are granting your every wish and fantasy with these paranormal paramours. While they’re not as prevalent as some of the more popular creatures of the night (*cough* vampires *cough*), we embark on a magic carpet ride that even Aladdin would envy to bring you a sampling of the best jinn out there.

Our first stop is to visit the ever-fun, pink-smoke wielding genie, Vana Aphrodite from Judi Fennell’s Magic Gone Wild. She’s a genie who wants to do right, but her magic has a way of … well, going spectacularly wrong. And when Zane, the great-grandson of her former master, discovers that his inheritance includes an inept magical being, he isn’t quite impressed. It’s up to Vana to change the hot football players’ mind about her skills and prove her worth. That’s if she can keep her mind on the tasks at hand and ignore the sparks of attraction that fly — much like her magic — out of control.

Next we take a trip back in time (and space) to Alaya Johnson’s alternate New York of the 1920s. Featuring the do-gooder Zephyr Hollis, the first two books of the series, Moonshine and Wicked City, take readers on a rollicking ride. As a demon-fighting activist on the Lower East Side, Zephyr is a woman with her hands full, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a flirtation or two. Her mysterious love interest, Amir, may be more smoke-and-mirrors than cloak-and-dagger, because he has a secret that’s going to shock the unflappable Zephyr. These books are the bee’s knees, and we can’t wait for the next.

Then we turn our attention a little closer to home and our time. While sipping refreshing mint juleps and relaxing in the shade, we discover how Kentuckian Grace Andreas meets her own genie, Khalil, in Thea Harrison’s Oracle’s Moon. He has appointed himself the protector of Grace’s newly orphaned niece and nephew, and, at first, she is leery of having an all-powerful being hanging around. But when evil forces began to attack her and the children, she is lucky to have a darkly handsome genie on call. Wouldn’t we all want one of those on speed-dial? 

And not all trips have to be to far-off places. There’s always more to explore in our own backyards —or our neighbors’. Taking advantage of a nice, sunny day, we hit up a few yard sales. You never know what sort of treasure you’ll turn up, but if we could find what Alana West did at an estate sale, we’d be happy girls indeed. Sahara Kelly’s Alana’s Magic Lamp turned out to be the find of the century. Not only did Alana score a cool artifact as she thrifted, but it housed not one, but two sensual genies! And when they steamed out of the lamp, they continued to steam it up.

But not all books with genies feature them as one of the main characters — sometimes they are just on hand to help a girl sort out her life as they are in Mindy Klasky’s light-hearted and fun As You Wish series. While there may be no business like show business, when a genie is tossed in the business takes on a whole new level of uniqueness. The three theater-based heroines of the series are all in need of a break — in their careers and their love lives. In How Not to Make a Wish, When Good Wishes Go Bad, and To Wish or Not to Wish, these women get their help in the form of genies - and things are never the same! But you’ll have to read these delightful tales on your own to get the full stories.


We had the best summer vacay hunting up genies for your reading pleasure, but if you’ve uncovered a few of your own, let us know in the comments below. (We promise we won’t make you share your wishes.) And for more talk of sexy paranormal heroes, make sure to check out our Everything Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Page!