Hump Day Excerpt: Bad Influence by K.A. Mitchell

It's Hump Day, folks! We're back with another steamy excerpt to get you through the mid-week slump. Today we've got a scene from Bad Influence by K.A. Mitchell — the fourth M/M romance in the author's Bad in Baltimore series. The book tells the story of Zeb and Silver, whose meet cute isn't so cute — it lands them both in jail. Both men are dealing with scars from their past, but together they find intense chemistry. Enjoy!

Zeb leaned forward, his hands bracketing Silver’s neck where it rested against the chair. “You are a nice guy.”

Silver wanted to brush the praise away, force the reality that nice guys in Zeb’s world didn’t do bareback porn just to stay off the street.

Zeb loomed closer, hands on Silver’s shoulders. “No, screw that. I’ve had nice guys. I’ve dated and taken my time before ending up in bed with them.”

Silver’s skin prickled with gooseflesh.

Zeb’s hands moved onto Silver’s shoulders, intensifying the charge racing through his body. “None of them made me crazy. None of them made me feel like I couldn’t breathe right until we kissed. None of them made my whole body hum with the need to touch. You do.” Zeb’s grip shifted to Silver’s forearms and pulled him to his feet. “You turned my life upside down, and I couldn’t put it back together in any way that made sense without you.”

Silver wanted to believe him, believe in what kept driving them together, that this halo of electricity around them could somehow make everything all right again. But in the meantime… He swallowed back the spark of tears in his throat. In the meantime, they were kissing.

He knew he should say something back. Something real about his feelings, about having missed this for too long. But with his cock draining the blood from his brain, he could only grab Zeb’s ass through his khakis and mumble, “Okay.”

The sky opened with a solid crack that stunned Silver’s senses like a shot to the back of the head. The instant his heart started again, rain drowned them in an inverted ocean.

Inside the lighted house were towels and safety—and questions and decisions and delays.

Silver grabbed Zeb’s hand and ran for the garage, kicking open the side door and then sealing them inside. He didn’t want time to think, for uncertainty to seep in and wash away how right everything had felt a minute ago. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it. Zeb did the same before they slammed together, mouths and fingers frantic, like they had to find a way into each other.

Silver couldn’t get enough of the rain taste and ozone smell on Zeb’s skin. Sweeter than fresh laundry and shower water, carrying a rush and threat of energy from the storm, it drowned out the moldy-leaf-and-oil odor hanging in the close air. Everything was sharper, burned hotter under clammy skin. Silver raked his teeth across Zeb’s nipple, squeezed his ass through the soggy cotton.

“Yes.” Zeb groaned it into Silver’s ear, hot breath on hair standing on end. “Now, now, now, now.” Zeb tore at the front of Silver’s shorts, impatient fingers yanking the rivet out of the button.

Zeb went to his knees to deal with the rest of the barriers, not even bothering with the boxer briefs as he pulled Silver’s dick through the slit and into scalding-wet heat.

The contrast of mouth with dank, clinging clothes made Silver jump, hips flexing back and forth. Zeb gasped and sputtered, and it took every bit of control Silver had left not to force his way in, make that muscle convulse around the head of his cock as Zeb fought for breath. After a moment, Silver eased back, rubbing the head across Zeb’s lips, while Zeb’s tongue tried to recapture him.

With a floundering hand, Silver found the light switch. One glance at the floor made Silver haul Zeb up and steer him toward the workbench. It was only few steps, but in the space of those seconds Silver’s chest got tight, an anxious wave threatening to flood his brain with a million doubts and questions.

Zeb spun back and kissed him, and there was some proof to Zeb’s earlier words. The kiss fed Silver fresh oxygen, sharp as a winter rush of it when you surrender to need over warmth and peel the scarf from your face. He clung to Zeb’s shoulders, their hair dripping rain into the kiss.

Zeb wriggled a little, and then his slacks brushed damp and heavy over Silver’s legs on the way to the floor. Grabbing Silver’s hand, Zeb shoved a condom and a small lube packet into his palm.

“What kind of movie were you planning on?” Silver asked against the prickle of Zeb’s jaw.

Zeb’s breath came out in a huff, and he lifted his head to give Silver better access. “Anything that got us here.”

As Silver reached forward to put the condom and lube on the bench, Zeb turned away, hands braced wide on the plywood, lean back and muscular ass on display. Silver ran a hand down Zeb’s spine. Drops of water from his hair sparkled as they found paths along that length. Silver lapped one with his tongue, and then followed another all the way down, until his lips rested in a silky patch of hair at the top of Zeb’s ass. They’d tried a lot of new things together in those six months. But not this. A teasing flick of Silver’s tongue made Zeb groan and arch his back.

A flash lit up everything like one of Eli’s polarized images, and then a shock wave of thunder shook the building, the echoes and rumbles lasting another minute. After another blast that shook the windows, the bare light bulb popped and went out.

When Silver’s hearing came back, the rain was a solid wall of sound until Zeb’s harsh plea came out of the dark. “Don’t stop.”

Silver licked the little indentation. “I think I can find my way by feel.”

Bad Influence will be available digitally April 15, so get ready to download. And for more steamy reads, visit our Everything Erotica page.