Hump Day Excerpt: Bound to be Tamed by Becca Jameson

Happy Hump Day! If you've always wondered why BDSM romance heroines always settle for one Dom when they can have two, we've got just the excerpt for you today. In Bound to be Tamed by Becca Jameson, heroine Stephanie is the submissive of two sexy Doms, Aiden and Dane. Because sharing is caring, in this scene the guys decide to take Stephanie to their photographer friend's studio for a naughty photoshoot. Enjoy!

Steve spoke as though he’d read her mind. “Don’t worry, love. What happens in my studio, stays in my studio. Let yourself go. Enjoy.” When he continued, he spoke to Duke. “Lean her back a little more.”

Duke tugged her a few inches to the front of the lounge. Her neck rested more solidly on the raised back. Most of her hair hung down behind her.

Duke pulled a few locks of curls to the front and arranged them on her shoulders.

She relaxed as he worked. They’re just pictures, she reminded herself for the umpteenth time. Only for us. They must be steaming because that’s how I feel right now.

Duke worked.

Stephanie gave herself a pep talk.

“A little more powder,” he murmured.


She had her answer in a heartbeat. Her other breast was now exposed. Her chest rose high as he dabbed the bristles of the applicator around and around her breast, avoiding her nipple, circling first higher and then lower on her tit.

She felt the scarf, which now lay in a single path between her exposed breasts. It barely touched her skin across her stomach, crisscrossing until the width of it covered her crotch.

Even though she told herself to be ready for the tiny brush, she wasn’t prepared. Her mouth opened on a long moan when Duke circled her areola and tapped the tip on her nipple.

The moan turned to a groan when he repeated the action on the other side. “Need them to be even, love.” He stepped back.

Steve took bunches of shots, some close, some farther away. “So sexy… Lean your head back… Good… Mouth open a slit… Eyes relaxed…”

So many things to remember when all she could think about was how wet she was and how her pussy lips were straining to contain the waterfall.

Every minute she lay there growing more aroused, she leaked more moisture until it began to dribble between her legs. She squeezed her butt cheeks together when the first line of her arousal reached between her crack.

She stiffened.

“Relax, love. Don’t worry about the chair or the scarf. We’ll clean them both.” Steve was officially psychic, damn him.

She flushed. The heat that rose up her chest and across her face grew in intensity as she thought about everyone in the room watching her demise.

“Oh, that’s so hot, love. Relax your arms… There… Lift them both a bit higher. Let them hang over the arm of the chaise next to your ears.”

She followed his instructions, the act stretching her breasts out and dragging her attention to them. The higher her arms lay, the more exposed she felt. She’d always had that sensation ever since she was young.

Her chest beat, her heart threatening to eject itself as it pounded against her ribs, her nipples high and tight.

“A little pinch to refresh, please, Duke.” Steve’s words were so quiet she barely heard them.

She bucked her chest up in shock when two sets of fingers squeezed her nipples.

“Perfect… Step back so I can get the expression… Just like that, love. Your face is so raw, so open. The arousal oozes into the pictures. You’re going to love them.”

God, this man she didn’t know was playing her body. And he was doing it in front of her Doms. What did Aiden and Dane think? How strange for them to watch another set of men get her so aroused.

Fingers stroked down the center of her belly, making it dip. Duke stepped back again.

“Perfect… Love the hollow look with your nipples erect. It enhances your chest.”

Stephanie moaned again.

“Relax your legs. I don’t have many shots of your lower body yet. I’m making my way down.” Steve tapped her knee with one hand as he peered down at her through the lens.

She opened her eyes a slit to watch his expression. He wasn’t visibly aroused like he sounded. He was at work. This was his job. A total professional.

She glanced at Duke beside her. He was staring at her crotch with his brows furrowed, like one would scrutinize a piece of art in a museum. He was working too. This was a job for both of them.

Duke pressed her other thigh with one palm. “Relax. You’re so stiff. Let your legs fall open naturally. You’re holding them at an angle. It looks strained.”

Of course I am.

“Slide your right heel down the velvet a bit.” Steve clicked.

Duke arranged.

Stephanie bit her lip.

“Your legs are so sexy, love,” Steve said. “Let me photograph them. I can’t get a good shot with you so tense. Relax,” he repeated. “Let them fall open more naturally.” He paused a second. “Duke, try bending her left knee a little more. Settle that ankle in the crook of her right leg… Yes… Like that.”

Duke spoke to her directly. “Look over here, love.”

It was the first time he’d called for her attention like that. She tipped her head to the end of the chaise. Aiden and Dane stood a few feet away on that side. Both were smiling and they held hands. Actually, more than that. Aiden leaned into Dane, his free arm reaching across to grip Dane’s biceps.

Aiden’s smile broadened. “You’re doing so well, Steph. The shots are going to be fantastic. Stay focused. Duke is working wonders.”

She looked down at her lower half. Her legs indeed looked more natural in this position. She leaned back.

Duke moved the scarf around gently across her pussy. If he got it too close to her skin, it would get spots on it.

He left it loose however. He pressed her thighs wider and then ran his fingertips over the insides of her legs from her knees to her crotch. He got so close to her sex, she couldn’t breathe. How far would this photo shoot go? As it was, she was so out of her mind with need she wouldn’t care if one of them fucked her and took video of it. Hell, they all could right about now.

She just wanted to come. She wanted to come so bad she would do anything.

“Relax,” Steve repeated. “Let your head fall back again. Arms high. Another pinch, Duke.”

She was ready this time. Duke pinched harder though. Her nipples ached, but the pain was intensely arousing. Her clit throbbed under the scarf. If she could just lift her torso a bit, she could probably come from the slight contact with the silk.

She moaned, and her head rolled to one side. She couldn’t stop it, but no one said anything so it must not have mattered. A renewed flush covered her skin when she pondered Steve photographing her crotch and not even getting her face in the pictures.

The clicking noise began to take on a rhythm she found disturbingly arousing, as though it belonged to this time and place and marked the event with each little snap. The camera itself began to raise her arousal. Every beat of the shutter radiated in her clit.

Another pinch to her nipples. Had Steve even spoken that time?

God. She was screaming inside for release. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she lifted her hips off the velvet into the air.

“Oh, love, that is hot. Go ahead. Express your frustration. I bet you’re soaked, aren’t you?” Steve continued, click, click, click. Was the shutter getting louder?

Without her permission, her arms jerked. They were antsy and she couldn’t keep them above her head.

“It’s okay, love,” Steve whispered. “You’re doing fantastic. So sexy. Let your hands come down. Set them on your thighs.”

Her arms obeyed his command as though they weren’t attached to her. She no longer cared about propriety. She needed to touch herself if no one else was going to. Who the fuck cared if Steve took pictures?

“Hold your thighs open wider, love,” Steve murmured. “Yes… Like that.”

Her head fell back farther. Sweat built on her forehead even though there was a chill in the room. She moaned in frustration and stiffened her legs.

“Relax your legs…”

She tried. It wasn’t possible. Her fingers were itchy.

“Try this,” Steve continued. “Hold the scarf in place with one hand and stroke yourself through the silk with the other.”

Holy mother of God. That command was all the permission she needed to let herself go. Right here in a photo studio with four men watching. She didn’t care. She felt relieved to have been instructed to touch herself before she did it without direction. Somehow that made it okay.

With her left hand, she held the scarf over her sex, her fingers splayed wide to keep the material in place. When she touched her lips through the silk with the pointer of her other hand, she bucked. So much built-up tension.

Her finger moistened instantly.

“That’s it, love.” Steve’s voice broke into her private world, but not unwelcome.

She listened to his words as he continued to direct her. It somehow separated her from the action. Commands. Obedience. She was a robot following instructions. And the personal gain made it so easy to comply.

“Stroke your finger through the slit… Yes… Like that… So sexy… Relax your legs…” He seemed to be all over the place as he took more shots.

Stephanie didn’t look at anyone or anything but herself. She alternated letting her head fall back to stare blankly at the ceiling, unseeing, and dipping her chin forward to watch as she masturbated for the camera.

“Yes… Beautiful… You’re a natural with the camera, love… Flick your clit… Higher…”

Stephanie bucked again when her finger tapped the little nub of flesh no longer even remotely covered by the hood.

“Good. That feels so good, huh? I know you need relief. A few more shots. Stroke back through your pussy… Yes, that’s it… So wet… Your juices are coating the silk. So fucking hot, love…”

She bucked a fraction, trying not to lift her ass completely off the lounge. She held herself up with her heels.

“Lie back down, love… Let your ass rest… You’ll get relief soon… I promise.” Steve stepped closer between her legs and took several close ups.

Instead of embarrassing her, she got hotter.

“Release the edges of the scarf, love. Let it loose. Use that finger to push the silk into your pussy.”

“Ahhh…” The long moan came out of her open mouth as she complied. As though in a trance, she obeyed every word as quickly as they were uttered and she never wanted to stop. She pressed the silk into her pussy, wishing it would give a little so she could reach deeper. She could only poke about an inch into herself without ripping the scarf.

“Oh, love. You’re doing great. That feels so good, I’m sure. You need more?” He didn’t wait for her to reply. “Gather up the end hanging between your legs and press it inside. Fill your pussy with the soft material. It’ll feel so good.”

Holy fuck. She nearly came. She had to grit her teeth to hold back the orgasm as she reached between her ass cheeks for the end of the scarf and pushed more of the silk into her needy hole.

Loud moaning now. Raw. Needy. The volume of her noises echoed around the basement.

“That’s it, love. A little more.” Steve clicked closer to her pussy. He lifted the camera every few shots to catch her face. She felt the flash and didn’t care.

Stephanie stuffed her pussy with a few more inches of the scarf. It left her ass exposed, but perhaps the crack wasn’t too obvious pressed against the lounge.

“So wet… I know you need release. Reach underneath and stroke your clit with one hand while you pull the scarf out slowly with the other.”

Finally. There was no doubt this would do it. She would come now.

In fact. Dane’s voice penetrated the haze. “Come, baby. Show us how gorgeous you are when you scream your release.”

“Slow. Gentle,” Steve commanded. “Yes. Like that…”

With shaky fingers, Stephanie gradually pulled the soft material from her pussy. Her legs shook. She pinched her clit hard enough to hurt. The pain was welcome because the orgasm was going to be intense.

Slowly, she eased the scarf out. When she couldn’t take the torture a moment longer, she yanked and flattened her thumb against her clit at the same time.

She screamed. Her entire body shook with the earthquake that was her undoing. Her pussy clutched at the emptiness. Her clit pulsed against her thumb. Her heart pounded so loud surely others could hear it. Sweat ran down her chest and dripped along her side. Warmth enveloped her body for several moments.

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