Hump Day Excerpt - Crave By Sierra Cartwright

It's finally Hump Day! Are you ready for another smutty excerpt? Positive reviews for Sierra Cartwright's Crave have been floating around the web, and after we heard about what a great time she had at RT this year (Her first RT!), we decided a scene from Crave would be perfect for this week. Crave is a second chance BDSM romance, and in this scene heroine Sarah and hero Reece are getting ready to go out to dinner. Let's just say Sarah has a very interesting "getting ready" routine. Enjoy!

A photo of Sierra Cartwright at RT Convention 2014 

Sierra Cartwright at Mardi Gras World during this year's RT Booklovers Convention

The cover of Crave by Sierra Cartwright“Please,” she said. “Fuck my ass with the plug, Reece.”

He took hold of the base and pulled out the glass. She grunted, and he slid it back in, using a bit of force to get the fattest part past her sphincter.

She groaned but remained in position.

Confident that she could take it, he fucked her with it, faster and faster.

Her groans became whimpers.

“Talk to me, Sarah.”

“It’s amazing, Sir.”

She was amazing.

He pulled it out and re-seated it a couple more times. “How does your ass feel?”

“It burns a little.”

“So you’ll be remembering this for a while?”

“Probably the whole night.”

“You can stand up,” he said, pushing the plug a bit deeper and causing her to take a tiny step forward.

She shook her head, checked that the clip was still in place then smoothed the dress around her.

“I’ll be thinking about your body all night,” he told her.

“Tell me you are going to fuck me later?”

“I’m going to hold you down and make you scream.”

“Bring it, Sir.”

“Brave words.”

“It’s easy to be brave when you’re not in mortal danger.”

He caught her chin and captured her gaze. “But you are, Ms Lovett. Most definitely.”

She had the good sense to look away.

He released his grip and moved to the door.

“Nice shoes, Reece,” she said as she passed him.

“Good thing my slacks are black.”

“Sorry to break your heart, but yellow and lime don’t go with anything.”

“Don’t tell Kennedy.”

She accepted his arm and they headed to the top-floor restaurant that had a view of the water.

“Sit flat on the plug,” he said, even though the hostess was still waiting to hand over the menus.

“Yes, Sir.”

He glanced at the wine list and selected a hearty red. “I figured steak tonight. You’ll need your strength after issuing that challenge.”

“You’ll need yours, Sir.”

It would be easy to pretend that they’d never been apart, that tonight’s party for Julien was like the others they’d attended as a couple, that the future was bright.

After the wine had been delivered, she said, “I’d ask what you’re thinking, but I’m not sure I want to know.”

“You’re right.”

The waiter returned to take their order, and she asked for a steak, cooked rare. He never remembered her doing that before.

Minutes later, the server brought a large, pewter salad bowl and tossed the ingredients tableside. “Fresh pepper?” he offered.

Reece looked to Sarah.

She nodded.

“Please,” Reece confirmed.

The man filled both plates then, after asking if they needed anything else, promised to check back shortly.

“I guess that’s one of the things about a permanent Dominant/submissive relationship that I find confusing.”

Reece put down his fork.

“You sometimes order for me.”

“That’s a gentlemanly thing, not necessarily a Dominant trait.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” She shook her head. “Like last night, with the lobster. Tonight, with the wine.”

“Sarah, I trust that you’re a grown up. If you want to order for yourself, you’re always free to do so. You told me on one of our first dates that you like it when I do it. We were together long enough that I learnt your preferences. And we’d talked about spiny lobster when we were in the Caribbean. But if your tastes have changed, I hope you would let me know. And I trust that if you don’t like the wine, you’ll order a different bottle. Don’t confuse courtesy with me needing to exert my will.”

She took a drink of the wine. “You did fine with this.”

“Sarah, I always had your best interests at heart.”

“It felt… Never mind.” She gave a half-smile and took a drink of water. “We agreed not to discuss it.”

“Last night you said that I would have consumed you.”

“And now I realise it was partially my fault. I assumed things about our relationship that I shouldn’t have. I let you take the lead on things where I did have an opinion. We should have talked more than we did.” She picked up a crouton. “Did you know I hate these? Fried, crispy, overly seasoned day-old bread that can crack a tooth unless you suck it down to the gluten.”

“I had no idea. What else don’t I know?”

“That I like to have my feet rubbed. And that I wished I had some nipple jewellery. There, I’ve shocked you.”

“On the contrary. More like fascinated,” he corrected. “Are you going to pierce your nipples?”

“I’m not sure about that. But it’s a consideration.”

He’d never thought of it before, but the idea of leading her around by a delicate chain attached to them…

“I always want more stimulation, and I thought that might help.”

“I’m glad you’re telling me now. I wish you’d have mentioned it before.”

“At that time, it seemed too bold.”

“You appear to have the idea that the word Dominant is synonymous with mind reader.”

“You always read my body, me, my reactions so well.”

“I always paid attention to you. It was my intention that you would never be distressed. But my focus is more on being certain I don’t overdo something. It’s entirely possible I will miss a signal that you want more of something. Part of the onus is on you to communicate, not only on me to guess.”

The waiter returned to clear their plates. There was a neatly stacked pile of croutons next to hers. He scooped them up without saying a word.

“In that case,” Sarah said when they were alone. “More nipple play, Sir.”

“My pleasure. Would you like to start now?”


“Take an ice cube from your water and run it over both nipples.”

She folded her hands on the tablecloth. “Are you serious?”

“Do as you’re told.”

She glanced around, but he’d already ensured that they had privacy before issuing his command.

Her eyes were wide with shock, but they had a gleam of something else, a taste for the forbidden.

She took an ice cube from her glass and let a couple of drops of water drip onto her napkin.

“All your dresses should have that kind of access,” he told her.

Sarah trailed her hand down her chest then slipped beneath the fabric. He saw her little winces as the ice chilled her skin, but she sucked in a breath when she touched her nipple.

“Swirl it around.” Her obedience, her reaction made his dick stiffen. “Now the other one.” Amazing that his voice could sound so commanding and forceful when he felt so aroused.

Like a perfect sub, she did so.

The piece of ice was barely a chip when she dropped it on top of the table.

“Now pull your shoulders back so I can see how hard your nipples are.”

She removed the clip and shook out her hair then stretched into an arch.

“Gorgeous, Sarah.” Her nipples were erect. Between her seductive smile, the knowledge that his plug was making the position even more uncomfortable for her and the sight of his choker around her neck, he couldn’t remember his own name. “I’m tempted to take you back to the room.”

“Anything you say, Sir.”

He needed to be careful with her. This Sarah could make him do anything she wanted, including forgetting the past.

A few minutes later, the waiter brought out their steaks.

She closed her eyes as she savoured the first bite.

“I definitely like the way you show your pleasure.”

“You gave me plenty of things to show it about.”

After dinner, she ordered key lime pie. And she didn’t share.

“We may have to discuss this new-found independent streak,” he told her, fascinated with the way she devoured it, turning the fork over, making sure she caught every bit with her tongue.

In response, she licked the last dollop of fresh whipped cream from her finger.

Shaking his head, he said, “Well, that showed me the evolution of this relationship.”

“The evolved Sarah won’t be consumed by a Dom. Nor will she let him eat her dessert.”

He nodded.

“But she does need to work off some calories.”

He stood and offered a hand. “I have an idea or two about that.”

She smiled, a cheeky, seductive secret just between them, and said, “I’m counting on it, Sir.”

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