Hump Day Excerpt: Darkest Ecstasy by Tawny Taylor

It's Hump Dayyyy! It's a 4 Ys kind of day, folks. Today we've got a fun excerpt from Darkest Ecstasy by Tawny Taylor set in an ultra fancy BDSM club. And who better to play with at a BDSM club than a supernatural billionaire Dom who's destined to save the world? Talen "Tage" Garner is just that, and in this scene he proves he can get whatever he wants when he locks eyes on a long-legged beauty. Enjoy!

He had his quarry.

There. That one. The lush blonde in the black dress. She was perfect. Just the right combination of sweet temptation and seductive siren. Long legs. Full tits that made his mouth water. A hundred carnal promises glittering in her eyes.

Another man stepped up to her and set a hand on her shoulder. Her gaze flicked to the man, then back to Talen. Her lips curled in a sultry half smile.

His cock hardened. Let the games begin. Energized by the challenge, he waved the waitress over.

“A bottle of champagne. To that woman. In the black dress.” Then he leaned back in his seat and waited, watching her every move as the bottle was delivered and as the waitress told her who had purchased it.

The woman smiled in his direction, then excused herself from the man who had thought he’d be fucking her tonight. Her glass in one hand, the bottle in the other, she crossed the crowded bar, collecting stares from admiring men and glares from women along the way. She moved with the smooth fluidity of a dancer. Her hips swayed seductively. Her shoulders were back, her full breasts pushed out.


“Hello,” she said, smiling down at him as she approached his table. “Thank you for the champagne.” She set the bottle on his table. “I couldn’t possibly drink this whole thing by myself, so I thought I’d come over and share some with you.”

“Thanks. Please, sit.” Pushing his full glass aside, he motioned to the waitress. “May I have an empty champagne glass please?” he asked her.

“Sure. Can I get you anything else?”

Talen looked at his new companion. She shook her head. “No, thank you.”

“I’ll be right back.”

He turned his attention back to Blondie.

“I’m Angela.”

“Angela.” He extended a hand, and she placed hers in it. Her grip was neither too tight nor too loose. “Tage Garner.”

“It’s good to meet you, Tage Garner. Thank you again for the champagne. It’s delicious.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” Lips. She had very nice lips. He could imagine them circling his cock while he fucked her mouth.

Peering over the rim of her glass, she sipped. “Have you been to this club before?”

“No. I just joined.”

“You’ll love it. I’ve been a member for about a year. I’m here at least twice a week.”

“Dom or submissive?” he asked.

“Oh, submissive. Most definitely.”

He felt himself smiling. “I was hoping you would say that.”

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