Hump Day Excerpt: His Every Need By Terri L. Austin

The cover of His Every NeedIt's a bird .... it's a plane ... oh wait no it's Hump Day! This week we've got a scene from His Every Need by Terri L. Austin, and if you're into hot British tycoons with a fondness for dirty talk and BDSM, well, you've probably already bought this book, which released yesterday. In this scene, heroine Allie and hero Trevor discuss safe words and Trevor coaxes Allie into, well, just read the excerpt. Trust us. It's hot.

Swirling the brandy, he studied her. “Afraid I’ll bring out a whip and handcuffs?”

Allie took a sip of her drink, feeling the fire of it burn the back of her throat. “How would I know? No pain though, that was our deal.” “Right.” He nodded slowly. “So what would be an appropriate safe word, do you imagine?”

Allie shrugged. He made her feel silly for even bringing it up. “How about ‘ouch’? Will that do, Miss Campbell?” He raised a brow and took a sip from his glass.

“How about ‘stop what you’re doing or I’ll cut your balls off, you bastard’?”

Narrowing his eyes, he pretended to consider it. “Seems a bit wordy.”

She fought a smile. “All right, how about”—her gaze darted around the room and landed on the globe—“Uruguay?”

Grinning, he silently toasted her with his glass. “Uruguay it is.

So if I cause you any pain—” “Or discomfort.”

He nodded, his eyes never leaving hers. “Or discomfort.” “Or if I feel the slightest bit uneasy.”

His lips thinned. “Now you’re reaching, Miss Campbell.” “It was worth a shot.”

“To Uruguay.”

She toasted back and took a sip, dropping her eyes to the faded red-and-blue Oriental rug beneath her feet. She couldn’t remember feeling this nervous, not even the first time she had sex. Prom night—Andy Watson. Of course, she had half a bottle of strawberry wine in her to take the edge off her nerves. She took another sip of brandy. Definitely better than strawberry wine.

“Where did you go just now, Miss Campbell?” His voice, sharp and clipped at dinner, was now soft and seductive. Was this how he would sound during sex? She imagined him using that persuasive tone to murmur in her ear, to coax her to come. It would definitely work.

Allie raised her eyes and drank him in—the straight blade of his nose, the intelligent eyes, the hollows beneath his strong cheekbones. So handsome. He was commanding and controlled and at ease with himself. Everything she wasn’t. Everything she wanted to be.

“I’m right here. With you.” And she meant it. She was still nervous, but she was aroused too.

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