Hump Day Excerpt: Kate Douglas' Dark Moon

If you're in the Northeast, your hump day is probably a lot like ours: cold and slushy. Luckily, we've got a steamy excerpt to warm you right up. Today we've got a scene from Kate Douglas' latest Chanku shifters tale, Dark Moon. It's the story of shifter Mikaela Star Fuentes, who, as a young teen, leaves her spirit guide Igmutaka when she realizes her feelings for him are too intense. When she returns as an adult, she's ready to face those feelings, and Ig is more than willing to help. Enjoy!

Igmutaka paused in the doorway and stared at Mikaela Star. She stood on the opposite side of the big bed, looking down as she straightened the covers. Somehow, seeing her doing something so domestic relaxed him as nothing else could.

Oh, he was still hard as a post and so damned horny he ached, but he wasn’t afraid anymore. He never should have been. This was little Mikaela Star all grown up, but she was still the same person, the same amazing soul that she’d always been.

She was just as beautiful. As smart and funny and caring as he remembered. And she wanted him.

At least for tonight. Somehow, he had to make her want him for all time. He stepped into the room, grabbed the heavy blanket she’d just pulled flat, and tugged it out of her hands.

She raised her head and stared at him, and he realized she was every bit as terrified as he was. Afraid that this wouldn’t work, that they wouldn’t find the link each of them hoped was there. A gentle wave of relief washed over him as Igmutaka realized he had no reason for doubt. He loved her. He’d loved her all her life, but that love had grown and morphed into something unbelievably powerful, maturing now, as Mikaela Star had matured from child to adult.

And for the first time, he fully believed that she loved him just as much. She wouldn’t be this conflicted, this determined to have him in her bed if she didn’t. A beautiful woman didn’t carry feelings for a man for so many years unless there was something powerful holding them close.

Now, seeing her as she was, a woman grown with a sharp mind, a quick wit, and a powerful sense of who she was and what she wanted, he was almost positive his days as an unmated male were shortly numbered. Jerking the blankets free of the bed, he tossed them over the footboard and let them tumble to the floor.

Then he folded his arms across his chest and, fighting a stupid grin that threatened to destroy any semblance of the ferocious male he wanted to present, gazed at her. “If we’re going to make love, I want nothing in the way. Nothing that will hide your beauty from me or cover even an inch of your lovely skin. If anything covers you, it will be me. Only me.”

She nodded. A short, sharp jerk of her chin. Where was the woman who’d said she wanted to fuck? Now he grinned and shook his head. “Ah, sweetheart. You didn’t think I’d follow you in here, did you?”

Her chin lifted and her answer came much too quickly. “I did, too.”

“Ah. My mistake, then.” He planted one knee on the firm mattress and reached for Mikaela Star. She stared at his open hand for more than a few heartbeats. Then she took a deep breath and wrapped her fingers around his.

He tugged. She fell against him and he quickly rolled her beneath his body so that her slim hips were trapped between his thighs. His elbows rested at either side of her face, and he thrust his fingers deep into the dark silk of her tousled hair.

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