Hump Day Excerpt: Own by Katie Porter

Aw yea, it's Hump Day! You all know how much we love Katie Porter's limit-pushing erotic romance, and today we've got a scene from their upcoming release, Own, which kicks off their Command Force Alpha series about a team of special ops and all the fun kinkery they get into (oh, and they save people). Colonel's daughter Katsu "Kat" Stafford and former Marine Corps captain Evan Sommers rekindle a flame that Evan snuffed out years ago, only to find that Kat is more than willing to follow Evan's commands. In this scene Evan learns just how willing Kat is. Happy reading!

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Evan muttered, but he didn’t sound like he meant it. “We should stop.”

Katsu moaned deep in her throat. Her sex was wet and throbbing. She clenched her inner muscles around his length and realized he was still hard. Not as iron thick and ready as he’d been moments ago, but he had way more than enough to work with. She slid her hips back.

He pulled away.

She clenched her hands but didn’t lift them from the small of her back. “You said I should work for it.” Her hips twitched again, seeking him out.

This time he pulled all the way out. She heard the decisive snap of a condom being removed. Her fists became knots so hard that she dug her nails into her palms.

“I did,” he said, as calm as could be. “So turn around and sit down on the couch. Legs wide.”

His calm sank into her. She breathed it in as she moved, while she complied with an order that should have been humiliating. Her sex was so slick. She could feel that slide with every step. The leggings around her thighs meant straining against them to walk, but she still managed. She wedged her knees as wide as she could.

“Good girl.” Evan was squeezing the head of his cock with easy grace. “You may unbuckle your boots and push off your leggings. Take off your bra and thong.”

God, she was sick and twisted because she was completely undone by that. She wanted orders down to the minute, down to the second, leaving no room for doubt. She could just be within the shelter of someone else’s commands. Within Evan’s commands. When her stress was this high, she needed strength and order, or else she’d scatter to the wind until her mind was as scrambled as the inside of her apartment.

Her fingers were trembling when she unbuckled and unzipped her boots. Without having to be told, she zipped them back up and tucked the leather straps in, then set them side by side at the edge of the couch.

Evan’s approving hum was all she needed in response. She fluttered inside.

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Own releases digitally on August 26. For more hot, hot excerpts, visit our Everything Erotica page.