Hump Day Excerpt: Reaper's Legacy By Joanna Wylde

Another hump day is upon us, which means only two more days until the weekend! It also means that we've got another steamy scene for you from a recently released erotic romance. Today we've got an emotional, sexy snippet from Joanna Wylde's Reaper's Legacy. It's the story of Sophie, a single mom barely scraping by after her deadbeat husband leaves her, and Ruger, the misunderstood, über Alpha biker from her past who's determined to make Sophie his. In this scene Sophie tells Ruger the truth about her ex — who just happens to be Ruger's brother. Enjoy!

“How long was Zach hurtin’ you before it all went down?”

I shook my head, looking away, trying to think.

“It wasn’t big stuff,” I said finally. “Not at first. He’d yell at me, make me feel like shit. Then he started doing it in front of Noah.”

His entire body stiffened, his jaw clenching spasmodically. I stared at his chin and forged ahead.

“I had to do something, Ruger. I couldn’t let my son grow up that way. And then you came over to help out with the water heater. I kept watching you and I died just a little bit inside, because I knew I was stuck with the wrong brother. Then you looked back at me and it all came together in my head.”

“Fuck me,” Ruger muttered, leaning his forehead down against mine. I was still wrapped around him, back against the van, enclosed in his arms and his scent. “You’re just full of surprises, now aren’t you?”

“Do you want me to move out of your basement?”

Ruger pulled back, frowning.

“I just told you I’ll kill any man who touches you and you think I want you to leave?”

“That was before I told you what I did. I used you.”

“Answer one question for me—total truth,” he said slowly. I nodded. “Was it real? Yesterday, when I kissed you, when I sucked on your tits and fucked you with my hand? How about when I went down on you four years ago and you screamed my name? Before Zach found us and it all fell to shit. Was that fake?”

“No,” I whispered. “Aside from Noah, that’s the only part of those years I want to remember, because it was beautiful, Ruger. Whatever else happened, you gave me beautiful.”

“Well, fuck me,” he muttered. I felt his hands tightening on my butt, his hips tilting more firmly into mine, sending twinges of desire washing through me. I’d felt safe in his arms back then and I felt safe in them now.

That’s when it hit me. I didn’t just lust after Ruger.

I loved him. I had for years.

I tightened my arms around his neck, raising myself up to brush my lips across his. He didn’t respond, so I brushed his lips again, sucking the lower one into my mouth and nibbling on it.

That set him off.

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