Hump Day Excerpt: Rusty Nailed By Alice Clayton

We did it! Hump Day is finally here! Are you ready for some more smut? This week we've got a scene from book two in Alice Clayton's Cocktail series, Rusty Nailed. Caroline and Simon are now "officially" in a relationship, but can they keep things hot when Caroline's job demands so much of her time? We think yes, she can make it work, and here's a scene to prove it. Enjoy!

“So you came home early just to see little ol’ me?” I breathed into his ear, sneaking a wet kiss just underneath it. His hands dug a little deeper into my hips as he shifted on the bed.

“I did.”

“Think you can help me with this turtleneck?”

“I do.”

“And then after that, you wanna show me your hammer?”

I asked the front of his T-shirt, nuzzling at him, positioning my legs on either side of him. In answer, he thrust up and let me feel that very hammer. I chuckled. “Mmm, am I gonna get nailed?”

He lifted my turtleneck off, then unsnapped my bra and my breasts tumbled out, causing his eyes to flare, then focus with precision. “No more questions,” he directed, sitting up underneath me as he pulled me closer.

I mimed zipping my lips just before he flipped me over onto my back. God, I loved this man.

His lips danced along my collarbone, nipping occasionally with his teeth in a way he always knew got me warm, fast. I got it; I’d missed him too. Arching my back, I pressed my breasts against him, twisting and turning to bring me into contact with him as much as I could be, my skin needing to feel his. After a year, he could still bring me to my knees in seconds with one touch, one kiss, one look.

I pushed back against him, flipping us once more and pulling at his jeans. “Off, now,” I instructed.

When his belt was gone, his buttons unbuttoned, I pulled apart his jeans to find that once more my man had gone commando.

It’s like he was put on earth just to make me come out of my skin.

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