Hump Day Excerpt: Soul Surrender By Katana Collins

Hump day is once again upon us, which means it's time for another erotic excerpt for you to enjoy! We were in the mood for something paranormal this week, and what's more otherworldly than angel-turned-succubus Monica, the heroine of Katana Collins' Soul Stripper series, who needs sex in order to steal souls? Did we mention she moonlights as an exotic dancer? Perfect for finding victims! Enjoy this scene from Soul Surrender, the upcoming third novel in the series.

New Jersey, 1776

“I’ll take her.” His index finger pointed in my face, and more than anything I wanted to bat it away. Of course, that would be bad for business. And how dare I do anything to hurt Lucien’s precious business.

I stood in the lineup with the other women. And in all my rational thoughts, I knew I had to recharge. My skin glowed, practically radiating with my need to feed. My hair was glossy, sparkling in its curled coif. I was essentially starving myself, supernaturally speaking—only in the succubus realm, lack of powers worked to my advantage. Nearly every man who came in took one look at the girls and singled me out. The other ladies were just as beautiful and could shapeshift any curves or lack thereof they wanted . . . but because of my abstinence, my pheromone was more potent. A lethal opium that attracted men faster than a horse to an orchard.

To be honest, there were far worse men who had asked for me before. I certainly couldn’t complain about this bloke. He was older, with smile lines creasing his face, and the setting sun glinted off his silver hair, showing the reflection of what was once auburn. His golden eyes twinkled and his grin was wide as he held out a hand, palm up.

I hesitated, unfocusing my eyes as Lucien had taught. I looked at the edge of his hair where it frayed out from his curls and met the orange sun edging past the horizon. It was faint, but I could just make out the sense that he was not going to Heaven. Death. I saw a lot of death in his aura. But what the Hell did that mean? It’s wasn’t his fault if there happened to be a lot of death in his life!

“Well?” His brows crunched together and he tapped his buckled shoe impatiently against the wood plank floors.

The side door banged shut and Lucien entered, glancing up from a roll of parchment paper. He glanced from me to the client and back to me once again. His head twitched a nod.

Lowering my chin in a false display of modesty, I curtseyed to the man, gathered my layers of gown in my arms, and dropped my fingers into his palm. They clenched around my own in a way that conveyed ownership. The customer’s leering grin widened and he directed me over to Lucien, pulling out some coins from his satchel.

Lucien tutted and twitched his fingers. “This one doesn’t come cheap.”

The man’s gaze molested me from head to toe, lingering far too long at my breast line. “Very well,” he said finally, dropping a few more coins into Lucien’s palm. Lucien smiled at me.

“Monica, you may take him to the suite. You’re a lucky man; this one here only gets the finest room in the house.” His grin swept over me, and I wanted nothing more than to wring his neck until that smile was squeezed away permanently. This was a big fucking game to him, was it? Easy for a man to sell our bodies—it’s not his essence he’s giving away for twopence.      

Had the man known his way to the room, I was certain he would have slung me over a shoulder and taken me there himself. But as it stood, I directed him to the proper bed. I opened the door and let him enter first. He threw me another raking glance over his shoulder.

“I have a feeling you will be worth it, luv,” he said with an extended hand.

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You can pick up a copy of Soul Surrender, available digitally and in print, April 29. For more steamy reads, visit our Everything Erotica page.