Hump Day Excerpt: Star Struck By Laurelin Paige

Cheers to another hump day! With the weekend in sight, we've got another steamy excerpt for you. This week is a shower scene from Laurelin Paige's Star Struck, the latest in her Lights, Camera series, about a snobby Hollywood actress who falls for a production designer with little patience for diva attitudes. Enjoy!

Heather’s stomach twisted. Seth was late. Seven minutes late. Maybe he got caught up on the set. Or lost track of time. Or wanted to give her a few extra minutes to finish her meal.

Or maybe he wasn’t coming.

Since she’d barely been able to get food down, anxious as she was for her shower with Seth, she’d thrown away her half-eaten salad ten whole minutes before she expected him to arrive. Then she’d brushed her teeth and removed her eye make-up. And washed under her arms. Yeah, she was taking a shower, but she’d been sweaty after a day under hot set lights and she preferred not to subject Seth to her less than ladylike smell.

Then she waited. And waited. And waited.

At five minutes past the time Seth was supposed to arrive, she considered curling up on the bed to mope. But she had to shower before her next scene, even if it was alone. She’d already stripped from her costume before she’d eaten. Now she untied her robe, letting it fall in a heap on the linoleum floor and leaned into the shower to turn on the water.

The temperature had just begun to warm up when she heard the bathroom door open behind her.

“Now that’s a beautiful sight. Would be even more beautiful if your backside was red from my hand, but beautiful nonetheless.”

She bit back her smile, hiding the relief she felt. He’d come. Thank goodness she’d already removed her tampon. Taking it out now would have been awkward.

“You’re late,” she said, shaking the water off her hand. She meant to scold him further, but when she turned to face him the sight of him took her breath away. He’d already stripped out of his clothing—presumably at lightning speed since she hadn’t been in the bathroom that long—and damn did he look fine. The hard planes of his pecs and trim waist were smattered with a fine mist of hair. His arms were pure muscle. His abs, which she’d always suspected would be well-defined, were absolutely killer. They looked professionally sculpted. As if the reason he’d been late was because he’d stopped in the make-up trailer and had shadows and ripples applied. Generally the men she knew that looked like that only looked that way because of lighting and cosmetics. Or Photoshop. Men didn’t look like that in real life. Yet there was Seth, naked in her bathroom, looking exactly like that in real life.

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