Hump Day Excerpt: Straddling The Line By Jaci Burton

It's Hump Day, it's Hump Day! And what a Hump Day it is, because today we've got an excerpt from Jaci Burton's latest smokin' Play by Play novel, Straddling the Line. This flirty dinner scene leads up to baseball and football-playing hero (Because why should a sports romance hero play just one sport?) Trevor and sportscaster heroine Haven gettin' busy, because sometimes verbal foreplay is just as hot as the sex itself. Enjoy!

Trevor enjoyed seeing this side of Haven, when she put on her journalist’s hat and dug deep into her question box, drilling at him with probing questions.

Sure, he’d avoided her last question. It wasn’t like it hadn’t been asked of him before, and he’d given his standard pat answer.

But with Haven, he wanted to think about how to respond, because he wanted to be honest with her. Not with her network, but with her. And he wasn’t ready yet to answer.

He didn’t mind her grilling him, though. The fiery passion in her eyes was nice to see. It breathed life into her face, into every fiber of her body.

Her mother had been right. He could already see a difference in her. When she had focus, when she was fired up about something, she was much happier. He needed to keep that level of drive within her, keep her mind occupied so she wouldn’t dwell on things she couldn’t change.

“How’s your salmon?” he asked as they ate.

“It’s fantastic. Thank you for recommending it. I can see why you eat here so often. How are the scallops?”

“Awesome. Would you like a bite?”

She glanced over at his plate. “I would, actually.”

He scooped up a forkful and held it over her plate. She bent and took the fork between her lips. He caught sight of the flick of her tongue underneath his fork. Just a small thing, really, but it made his cock tighten knowing her mouth and her tongue had been on his fork. Her lips were full and pink and he really wanted to see her tongue wrapped around his dick.

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