Hump Day Excerpt: Taking Control by Jen Frederick + Giveaway!

With Monday being a holiday, Wednesday seems to have arrived quickly this week, much to our delight because that means it's time for another sizzling Hump Day Excerpt! Today's excerpt comes courtesy of Jen Frederick and Taking Control, the second book in her Kerr Chronicles. In the book, Ian and Victoria are settling into their relationship, but with a dangerous stepfather and greedy business rivals eager to take them both down, they'll face even more obstacles for a chance at a happy ending. So let's hand things over to Ian so we can spice things up — and stay tuned to the end for a giveaway!

I practically throw her onto the sofa cushions. Before she can make another move, I'm on top of her, devouring her. I yank down on her tank top until her unfettered breasts are exposed to my hungry mouth. One nipple is sucked in between my lips and the other is tortured with my left thumb. My right hand is busy shoving down her shorts and lacy panties.

"What color today?" I ask. I'd left before she had dressed for the day. Every piece of lingerie she owns I've bought for her. Some of the items I purchased before we were even a couple, during the chase, when I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted from her other than sex. Others I've bought since then. It's my favorite type of gift. Truly it's not even a gift for her. It's a selfish present, one that I enjoy far more than she does.

Seeing the lace and silk and satin that I’ve bought on her golden skin is as pleasurable as anything I’ve ever done. The cloth that covers her cunt and the ties that bind her breasts are all chosen by me, hand-picked and purchased. When her arousal wets the fabric between her legs, that's fabric that I've bought. She belongs to me.

Soon everything she wears will be funded by my money. It's a crass sense of ownership I'm seeking. Ephemeral, too. She could leave me and take everything with her or leave it all behind, but for now, it thrills me to know that every part of her intimate, secret body is touched by something I've paid for.

"Mint green," she says with a smile. By now, she knows how much I get off on this and tolerates it. Maybe it turns her on as much as it does me.


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Things will get even hotter when Taking Control releases September 8! And for more excerpts and books, check out our Everything Erotica page!