Hump Day Excerpt: Tamed By Emma Chase

Te cover of Tamed by Emma ChaseAh, finally, another Hump Day. This week we've got a fun, steamy scene from Tamed by Emma Chase. If you've always wondered what you get when you combine a Taylor Swift sing-along with hot shower sex, this excerpt will enlighten you. Enjoy!

I wake up Saturday morning to the sounds of running water from the shower. And the screechy echo of Delores’s singing from inside it. “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift is probably the most annoying song ever written—but hearing Dee’s awful rendition just makes me chuckle.

Never one to waste good wood—particularly the morning kind—I grab a condom out of the nightstand drawer, slip out of bed, and step into the bathroom.

“... trouble . . . ah ... ah ...” Her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back to rinse her long hair under the spray. “... ah ...”

I get into the shower and waste no time, going immediately for Dee’s succulent nipple that’s already pointy and proud. She’s not startled. She doesn’t yell. Her pitchy “ah” changes to a muted moan, and her hands slide across my shoulder blades, pulling me closer.

I like that she knows it’s me, without opening her eyes.

I realize the likelihood of anyone else worshipping her beautiful tits at this place and time except me is slim to none. But what I mean is ... she knows my touch. My sounds, my movements. We’ve become used to—attuned to—each other in the greatest of ways. I know she likes her hair pulled just before she’s about to come. And she knows it drives me crazy to watch her finger her nipple ring or when she traces my abs with her tongue.

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You can pick up a copy of Tamed available July 15 digitally and in print. For more steamy reads, visit our Everything Erotica page.