Hump Day Excerpt: Twisted By Emma Chase

It's hump day! Are you chair dancing yet? Are you thinking about which shoes (that aren't your ugly-but-functional snow boots) to wear out on Friday night? The weekend is nearly upon us and we've got another steamy erotica excerpt to help get you one day closer to it. Today for Hump Day we have a scene from Emma Chase's Twisted, the sequel to her highly acclaimed erotic rom com Tangled. Enjoy!

Women walk a fine line.





Defining who you are to the outside world is a constant balancing act. It’s exhausting. But for some women there is an occasional out. An excuse that lets them say what’s really on their minds, allows them to forgive even if they know they shouldn’t, and pushes them to indulge all those nasty little fantasies—without the scarlet consequences.


It can give the courage to talk dirty and the permission to go home with the bartender.

It’s the alibi. The cover story.

It wasn’t really you—you were possessed by Captain Morgan and the Grey Goose.

Unfortunately, I have a very high tolerance for alcohol.

Sucks to be me.

In all our years together, Billy was never able to drink me under the table. Not once. Maybe it’s because I started drinking at a young age. Maybe I was just born that way.

Regardless, it takes a lot to get me buzzed and even more to get me drunk.

That’s why, back in the day, I preferred pot.

Much more efficient.

Yep, you heard me right. Kate Brooks—pothead extraordinaire. Me and the Grateful Dead? We could’ve been bestest friends. Weed courage is what made me brave enough to get my tattoo.

But, sadly, those days are over. As I started business school, I realized the consequences of getting caught with a controlled substance were just too high.

So now I stick to legally sanctioned drugs only. Mostly wine.

Drew and I drink it nightly, just to unwind. And once a week we have kind of a date night—a special night. We cook together. Drew is a big fan of the fajitas. We drink and talk and drink some more.

Tonight we drank a bit more than usual. So, even though I’m not wasted in the literal sense, my limbs feel loose. Relaxed. Just like my inhibitions.

Have I got your attention? Excellent.

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You can pick up a copy of Twisted on March 25, available digitally and in print. And for more steamy reads, visit our Everything Erotica page.