The Hunger Games Movie Poster Revealed!

It's no secret that the words "eagerly anticipating" do not do justice to how ravenous the RT staff is for The Hunger Games movie release on March 23.

We loved Suzanne Collins’ futuristic YA series so much that it was the first — and only — series to ever win an RT Seal of Excellence back in September 2010. And whenever we hear about casting news we discuss it in-depth (like we did when the actress who will be playing Katniss was cast). So you’ll have to pardon my pun when I say that the new flaming Hunger Games poster is simply fanning the flames of our desire to watch this epic adventure unfold on the big screen. Look below to see the digital version of what has to be one of the best movie posters of all time.

Want more? You can check out the flaming emblem of The Hunger Games on the movie’s website where you can also get a countdown-clock widget.