Hunting for Pirate Treasure With Carla Neggers

Ahoy, mateys! Are you at your computer, but daydreaming of embarking on an exciting adventure, like maybe a treasure hunt? Today we’re talking pirate treasure with Carla Neggers, whose latest contemporary romance, Cider Brook, makes a return to picturesque Knight’s Bridge, where Samantha Bennett is back to atone for her mistakes and search for some 18th-century pirate treasure. (There is also a sexy firefighter hero.) Today Carla’s with us to share some treasure hunting secrets, so you’re prepared the next time you run into Johnny Depp. Oh, sorry, that was our daydream. Take it away, Carla!

My heroine Samantha can’t resist the lure of pirates and treasure, and neither can I. I’ve always been fascinated by pirates. Now we have the discovery of the wrecks of sunken pirate ships—like “Black Sam” Bellamy’s Whydah off Cape Cod—that tell more about the real men (and the occasional woman) who turned to this illegal activity and often paid with their lives.

As a child, my interest with pirates was fueled by my father’s rousing tales of life as a young Dutch merchant marine before, during and after World War II. He emigrated to the U.S., and he and my mother, who is from the Florida Panhandle, ended up making their home and raising their seven kids on the western edge of the Quabbin Reservoir in rural Massachusetts. Quabbin was created 75 years ago by clearing out and flooding four small towns in the Swift River Valley west of Boston. Growing up along that vast wilderness, with all its history and stories, fired my fertile imagination. Of course there must be pirate treasure buried in an old cellar hole, root cellar or cave! I’ve never stopped searching — but no luck so far.

One day I was walking in the Quabbin woods, thinking about my next Swift River Valley novel—the story that became Cider Brook—and I wondered…what if 300 years ago a pirate fled inland with his illicit treasure? What if he buried it somewhere in the Swift River Valley and its surrounding uplands?

That’s how my fictional pirate, Captain Benjamin Farraday, came to life. Samantha, an expert in pirates, is convinced the secrets to Farraday and his treasure are hidden in Knights Bridge. What she doesn’t know is that sexy, taciturn Justin and his abandoned cider mill are the keys to unlocking those secrets.

- Carla Neggers

Ahoy there, matey! Cider Brook is on sale now, in stores and online. For more love stories, visit our Everything Romance page.