If You Like ... You'll Love: Allie Harrison's Hide and Seek

Looking to add a few books to your TBR pile? In our newest column "If You Like ... You'll Love" RT staffers and reviewers will pick one new read and then suggest three other books that hold the same appeal. Today we look at Allie Harrison’s Hide and Seek.

Author Allie Harrison penned her first novel in 1993. The award-winning Dream a Deadly Dream was followed by two more books before the author took a decade long break from publishing. Then, in 2008, Harrison returned with Blood in the Moonlight a story that delved into the world of paranormal romance. The author has since published two more books and collaborated on a third. However, it is with the newly reviewed Hide and Seek that Harrison truly showcases her skills. This tale pairs the talented psychic Tess Fairmont with coroner Dr. Michael Adams. Tess is able to touch the dead (or living) and see their last moments. But will Tess be seeing her own demise when she stumbles into the crosshairs of a serial killer or will the Michael be able to help keep her out of trouble? 

RT reviewer Karen Sweeny-Justice says, “Harrison scores with a tale that combines elements of the paranormal and suspense genres into a good old-fashioned whodunit. The heroine is a fully developed and realized character readers will root for; the widowed hero is a doctor who cares deeply for the bodies entrusted to his morgue; and the contemporary setting and secondary characters flesh out the storytelling. More than Ghost Whisperer meets Quincy, M.E., this compelling narrative makes for a page-turner readers won’t want to put down.”


Matching The Morgue Setting ...

Does Allie Harrison's dead body-filled tale have you dying for another story of life after death? Do you still miss Six Feet Under and the short-lived Tru Calling? If so, we suggest you pick up this summer’s Working Stiff by Rachel Caine. This urban fantasy series starter goes beyond simply featuring a heroine who has spent some time in a morgue. Due to a massive cover-up, she actually owns a funeral home. And to make matters more interesting, Bryn Davis is a member of the (albeit, reanimated) un-dead — and she’s the only one who can stop a conspiracy that will end with the rest of humanity in the same state. How’s that for high stakes? To learn more about the tale, find out what RT’s Morgan and Whitney thought of the story here.


Matching The Heroine's Psychic Power ...

If you crave more tales of people who know things about others just by touching them, we think you’ll flip for July’s Cold Touch. This romantic suspense form Leslie Parrish is an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee in the paranormal romantic suspense category. The story follows heroine Olivia Wainwright, who gained her unusual power when died for a few moments as a little girl. Now when she touches someone dead, she can see the end of the person’s life. When a body surfaces that may help Olivia track down a madman who has been lurking in her past, she wants to take the chance. But police officer Gabe Cooper isn’t sure she should risk her sanity by trying to figure out who is responsible for the trauma she suffered as a child. The words thrilling, chilling and compelling don’t do justice to this tale, which will have you locking your doors at night!


Matching The Paranormal And Suspense Genre Combo ...

If you are looking for a tale that seamlessly blends suspense and paranormal elements, look no farther than Christine Feehan’s GhostWalker series. Also known as her “Game” books, Feehan is a master of adding layers to a series that started almost a decade ago. The series has been nominated for three RT Reviewers’ Choice awards and is one of RT Morgan's favorite paranormal series. She suggests that for maximum enjoyment you start at the very beginning, with the complex 2003 novel Shadow GameIn this book readers will meet Captain Ryland, a dedicated soldier who leads a team that has been given extensive psychic abilities and Dr. Lily Whitney who is at the center of a dark and shadowy military experiment. Don’t be surprised if the book hooks you and you spend the rest of this season catching up with the next nine books in the series!


Does Allie Harrison’s Hide and Seek make you think of any other books, or is there a different aspect of this story that you’d like a suggestion for? Let us know in the comments below!