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If You Like ... You'll Love: Charlotte Featherstone’s Pride and Passion

Looking to add a few books to your TBR pile? In our newest column "If You Like ... You'll Love" RT staffers and reviewers will pick one new read and then suggest three other books that hold the same appeal. Today we look at Charlotte Featherstone’s latest, Pride and Passion.

Charlotte Featherstone is known for her extremely steamy historical romances. This month the author returns with the latest in her popular Brethren Guardian series. When Lucy Ashton agrees to wed the Duke of Sussex, she believes that her heart is held by another man — her new husband’s enemy. But the bonds of marriage reveal that not only is the Duke a passionate partner, his tender touches make Lucy question everything she’s ever believed. Will the joy they’ve found turn to despair when old ghosts threaten this new union?

RT’s Kathe Robin says, “…Featherstone mixes her haunting erotic style into a tale tinged with mystery, paranormal elements and the atmosphere of the era. Her characters have enough pride to fill the pages and plenty of passion as Featherstone stirs the pot, merging deep sensuality and a frightening, chilling mystery: a hunt for a madman that will have readers on the edge of their seats.”

Matching The Heat Level ...

Searching for a tale that's equally scorching? Check out Revenge Wears Rubies by Renee Bernard. This novel was a 2010 RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee in the Sensual Historical Romance category, (which is no surprise for anyone who has ever read Bernard’s books). In this story, soldier Galen Hawke comes back to England with one goal: get revenge on Haley Moreland, the woman that betrayed his comrade-in-arms. Galen plans to break Haley’s heart and destroy her reputation, but soon their liaison has turned into a sensual web neither character wants to escape from. Says RT’s Whitney, “Any book in the author’s Jaded Gentlemen series is a good bet for a hot read, but this series starter is exceptional!”

Matching The Spiritualism ...

If you're hankering for a story that includes a touch of the spiritualism that the Victorian age is known for, there are a lot of good books to choose from. But Amanda Quick’s tales about mediums, alchemists and psychics will stick with you long after you’ve turned the last page. For spiritualism at its most full-fledged, Amanda Quick’s Quicksilver takes the cake. In this 2011 RT Reviewers’ Choice Award nominee in the Historical Fantasy/Paranormal category, the heroine, Virginia Dean, is a gaslight reader, she can read the movement of the energy that is locked in mirrors and uses it to advise her clients. But when she regains consciousness in a compromising position, holding a knife and lying next to a dead body, her search for answers will lead her straight to the Arcane Society’s doors — and into the arms of Owen Sweetwater, a man with his own special gifts. Quick skillfully blends the spiritualism that captured Victorian imagination with a mystery that will have you sleeping with the lights on!

Matching The Marriage Of Convenience Plot ...

Featherstone uses Lucy Ashton’s marriage of convenience to move the story forward, and throw the hero and heroine into a romantic relationship. But when it comes to those most business-like of matches, few authors do MoCs as well as Lisa Kleypas — whose historical novels could take up a keeper shelf all by themselves. For a fantastic Kleypas MoC we suggest the author’s August 2006 release, Scandal in Spring, for the delectable pairing of English wallflower Daisy Bowman with the brash American Matthew Swift. They say that love and hate are two sides of the same coin and that is certainly the case for this strong willed pair. Their passion is practically explosive and it positively sizzles off the page. However there’s a scandalous secret that could destroy this new union if these new lovers aren’t careful. So if Pride and Passion leaves you wanting another tale about a MoC, Scandal in Spring will certainly satisfy that desire!

Does Charlotte Featherstone’s Pride and Passion get you thinking of any other books or is there a different aspect of this story that you’d like a suggestion for? Let us know in the comments below!