If You Like ... You'll Love: Karen Robards' Sleepwalker

Looking to add a few books to your TBR pile? In our column "If You Like ... You'll Love" RT staffers and reviewers will pick one new read and then suggest three other books that hold the same appeal. Today we look at this month’s RT Seal of Excellence winner, Karen RobardsSleepwalker.

Author Karen Robards has a long history of excellence. She penned her first book in 1981, a historical romance titled Island Flame. Since that time she has written over thirty novels set in both the past and present. Since 1995, she has published 22 stories and all of them have received RT ratings of 4 stars or above — 17 of those were 4 1/2 stars or above. The author's 2002 historical romance Irresistible took home that year’s RT Reviewers' Choice award for Historical Romance of the Year and she was nominated for four additional Reviewers' Choice Awards. Robards has also won two coveted RT Career Achievement Awards, for contemporary romance in 1995 and the Romantic Suspense award in 2006. Although she has written across the romance genres, Robards' undeniable focus has been in romantic suspense. She writes gripping tales of ordinary women who land in extraordinary circumstances, and must fight to survive the ordeal.

In her latest novel, Sleepwalker, Robards introduces heroine Micayla "Mick" Lange a cop with a tragic past. Mick's life has never been easy and she is about to learn one more hard lesson — betrayal can come from even those closest to you. On the run for her life, Mick has no one to trust except a notorious thief. Jason may be a scoundrel, but he is still honorable, in his own way. Unable to leave Mick in danger, Jason helps her avoid capture and they are soon both running for their lives. Trust between the criminal and the cop is slow to build. But loyalty is earned and, unexpectedly, passion between the two explodes. The couple first brought together by necessity finds that they can't say goodbye. 

RT Senior Reviewer Jill M. Smith says about Sleepwalker, “It’s nonstop action from the first to last page as Robards takes readers on a whirlwind caper that finds a cop and a thief running for their lives. In a story that’s reminiscent of her early romantic adventures, Robards doesn’t allow either her characters or her readers the chance to take a deep breath as events proceed at a breakneck pace. This is romantic suspense at its finest: fast, furious, funny and passionate!”


Matching The Mob Element ...

If gangsters with guns put you on the edge of your seat, Moving Target by Cheyenne McCray is a sizzling romantic suspense well worth picking up. Russian mobsters brutally murdered Ani King’s family and nearly killed Ani as well. Now, after two years in witness protection, it’s time for Ani to testify against the murderers. But when she goes against WITSEC regulations and reveals her identity in order to help a wounded child, U.S. Marshal Daniel Parker must get to Ani before the mobsters do. But once he's found her, will Daniel and Ani be able to stay one step ahead of the mob? While we can’t tell you that, we can say that this fast-paced, sexy read that earned 4 1/2 stars from RT and was nominated for a RT award for best Romantic Intrigue of 2008.


Matching The Cop Heroine ...

If you haven't yet read the long-running In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka the uber-talented Nora Roberts), we suggest you get started immediately! The series features the tough Police Lt. Eve Dallas. Set in the near future, 2058 to be exact, Eve investigates crimes, does her best to stay ahead of conniving killers and navigates a complicated relationship with the criminal-turned-CEO Roarke. The In Death books are international bestsellers and there are over thirty installments of Eve’s story, including February’s Celebrity in Death. But we suggest that you begin with Naked in Death, the 1995 story that started it all. The novel was one of the year’s RT Reviewers’ Choice nominees for futuristic romance. So if you’re searching for another no-nonsense cop heroine, be sure to put Eve on your list!


Matching The Fast-Paced Action ...

Desperate for another tale of love and suspense? We’ve got just what the doctor ordered: Jami Alden’s summer 2011 tale, Beg for Mercy. This story centers on Megan, the sister to a convicted killer, and Cole, the cop that put the man away. But is there time for this couple to reconnect — and prove that Megan’s brother was wrongfully convicted before the very swiftly approaching date of his execution? You’ll have to read the tale to find out! But you can get a taste of this RT Reviewers’ Choice nominee by checking out this author interview and reading Morgan and Whitney’s Dish about the story. However Whitney warns, “Be prepared, after reading Beg for Mercy, you’re going to be positively rabid for the next books in this compelling series.” Thankfully, the series second, Hide from Evil, is in stores now and the third book will be on shelves soon! 

Does Karen Robards’ Sleepwalker make you think of any other books, or is there a different aspect of this story that you’d like a suggestion for? Let us know in the comments below!