If You Like ... You'll Love: She Tempts the Duke by Lorraine Heath

Looking to add a few books to your TBR pile? In our column "If You Like ... You'll Love" RT staffers and reviewers will pick one new read and then suggest three other books that hold the same appeal. Today we look at this newest historical romance from Lorraine Heath.

Romance author Lorraine Heath has been crafting stories that sweep readers off their feet since the early 1990s. Since then she has written more than thirty romances set during the contemporary and historical time periods. However, the author is undoubtly best known for her historical tales of love and laughter. With an impressive nineteen RT Top Picks, 10 RT Reviewers' Choice award nominations (and two wins) under her belt, it's no surprise that she has been nominated for seven RT Career Achievement awards and won the award for the Americana Historical Romance category in 1996. It's a rare romance reader who doesn't have at least one Heath novel on their "keeper" shelf.

This month's She Tempts the Duke begins the Lords of Pembrook trilogy. The young Sebastian Easton and his brothers barely escaped becoming the victims of their evil uncle's murderous plans. And it is certain that they would not still be alive but for the help of their friend Lady Mary Wynne-Jones. Now, years later the ex-soldier Sebastian returns from the war, ready to claim the waiting Dukedom. However, his time away has changed Sebastian, made him hard and bitter. But despite this, and irregardless of her engagement to another man, Mary is unwilling to let go of the friendship she has with Sebastian. RT Senior reviewer Kathe praises this tale calling that it's "a powerful story of retribution and salvation. Heath's talent for creating memorable characters comes to the forefront within a classic plotline that pits good against evil. Heath's talent for creating memorable characters comes to the forefront within a classic plotline that pits good against evil."

Matching The Ruthless Uncle ...

Do you want another tale of family drama when an uncle who is supposed to be caring for his relations tries to do them wrong? Then be sure to put Anna Campbell's 2007 novel Untouched in your TBR pile. In this tale, the hero Matthew, the Marquis of Sheene, is imprisoned in his home when he's a teen because his conniving uncle wants control of the estate. Years later, widow Grace Paget is travelling alone when she gets abducted and delivered to the "mad" Matthew. The couple falls in love but the question remains, will they be able to escape from his uncle's prison? This RT Top Pick has a Laura Kinsale-like feeling and readers won't be able to help falling head over heels for this hero-done-wrong, who is so determined to do right by the woman he loves! 

Matching The Couple That Reunites ...

Young lovers are the focus of the 1997 novel True Heart by Arnette Lamb. This story about a Scottish couple separated by circumstances beyond their control is heart breaking and heart warming all at once. When the young Virginia is kidnapped and turned into an indentured servant in Colonial America, her beau Cameron never gives up hope that they will be reunited. When he learns that there is a chance Virginia might still be alive, he will do whatever it takes to get her back, even though the situation seems hopeless. This novel was nominated for that year's RT Reviewers' Choice Award in the K.I.S.S. Hero category, and Cameron proves over the course of the story that he certainly deserves the title "Knight In Shining Silver".


Matching The Elements Of Retribution And Salvation ...

If you can't get enough of stories where true love just might not end happily ever after, be sure to check out Anne Stuart's 2010 novel Ruthless. The aptly titled story follows a hero who is absolutely ruthless, but readers will love him despite (or perhaps for) this very trait. Viscount Francis Rohan has made his home a den of vice that caters to a particular clientele, one that is the complete opposite of the innocent Elinor Harrington. Nonetheless, she goes to the jaded Rohan for protection when her mother's gambling threatens all that her poor family holds dear. Rohan agrees to safeguard Elinor and her family, for the price of her innocence. But when it appears that their new arrangement has put the young woman in danger, will Rohan discover that he can't live without her? The tale starts Stuart's House of Rohan series with a bang and won 2010's Reviewers' Choice Award in the Sensual Historical Romance category.

Does Lorraine Heath's She Tempts the Duke make you think of any other books, or is there a different aspect of this story that you'd like a suggestion for? Let us know in the comments below! For more great historical romance reads, head over to our Everything Romance Page.