Ilona Andrews To Begin A New Paranormal Romance Series

Last month writing duo Ilona Andrews (made up of husband and wife Ilona and Gordon Andrews) announced that they would be extending their Urban Fantasy "Magic" series featuring sword-wielding mercenary heroine Kate Daniels. (Readers can learn more about the authors' plans here.) And this week there is more great news from the Andrews' camp. Ilona revealed in a blog post that now their Edge series has come to an end, they are ready to start a new series. According to agent Nancy Yost in a Publishers Weekly report, the currently untitled series " ... will be set in a world controlled by 'modern Medici-like dynasties with paranormally enhanced abilities.'" Ilona commented that the new series is inspired by elements of both their Silver Shark universe and their short story "Of Swine and Roses". 

On her blog, the author shares how the new series came to be:

"We wrote a proposal and a few chapters and then there was the question of where to send it. During [sic] Romantic Times Convention, we met Erika Tsang of Avon. We both really liked her. She was really funny and we thought she would be fun to work with. So I poked Jeaniene Frost, told her the idea, and asked, 'Hey, do you think Erika might like it?' Jeaniene said, 'What’s the worst that could happen?'"

Like there is any question that a publisher would pass on an Andrews series. Not likely! Especially when the authors describe their new characters which include "wizard millionaire, a biker pyrokinetic, a heroine whose grandmother used to work on tanks and can build a weapon out of a pen and some bubblegum." Now these are some people worth getting to know! And if they sound larger than life, well, that is exactly what the authors are going for. In her post, Ilona writes: "If Edge was a Twinkie, this new thing is a Hoho. It’s rich and over the top." A further comparison of the two series shows another difference. While the Edge books are distinctly Urban Fantasy, the new books will have more of a paranormal romance feel.

Still have questions about the new Ilona Andrews series? Ilona posted a short FAQ about the series here.

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