Inside The RT 2013 Giant Saturday Book Fair - Part One

With over 450 authors in attendance, today’s annual Giant Book Fair was a buffet of writers and the thousands of readers who came out to celebrate them. Convention attendees mixed with the general public, and everyone had something to say — and a laundry list of authors to see. We asked some of the authors in attendance to share a favorite passage from one of their recent release, and here's what they had to say. 


Shannon K. Butcher

"In this quote, Rory from Falling Blind is learning to use her new powers. I love it because it makes me giggle." — Shannon K. Butcher

"So you're not taking me to really fight. I'm stuck with defeating evil weeds?"

"For now. When I'm sure you're ready, then we'll move up the food chain. Maybe defeat a malevolent bush."


Mary Balogh

"Hugo Emes, Lord Trentham, is a huge, fierce warrior of a man in The Proposal, [a] wounded hero of a Forlorn Hope in the Peninsular Wars. He hides his softer, gentler, more vulnerable side behind frowns and dour seriousness. He fights hard against falling in love and then finds it next to impossible to admit it when it happens. He was a dream hero to create — definitely one of my favorites!" — Mary Balogh

"I had better say one thing first," he said curtly, "and get it out of the way. Otherwise I won't know a moment's peace."

He was frowning and looking really quite morose.

"I love you," he said.

He glared at her with set jaw and fierce eyes.

It would be absolutely the wrong thing to do to laugh, Gwen decided, quelling the urge to do just that.

"Thank you," she said and stepped forward to set her fingertips against his chest and lift her face for his kiss.

"I didn't do too well with that, did I?" he said — and grinned.

And instead of laughing, she found herself blinking back tears.

"Say it again," she said.

Jasinda Wilder

"I love this quote for so many reasons, but primarily because it ties in so perfectly with the title. This quote kind of just happened naturally, on it's own. I didn't plan it to go with the title. Colton just ... said it, and it's perfect." — Jasinda Wilder

"I'm not just falling in love with you, Nell. I'm falling into you. You're an ocean, and I'm falling in, drowning in the depths of who you are." — Colton, Falling Into You


Brenda Novak

"I love this passage from When Summer Comes because it occurs when Levi, the hero, risks facing a past he's been running from the whole book to be there for the woman he's come to love. He knows that Dylan has figured out his true identity, which could lead to severe repercussions, but even that doesn't shake him because Callie needs him." — Brenda Novak

“I saw you fight once,” Dylan said.

A burst of alarm shot through Levi. He understood what Dylan was trying to tell him.

Dylan knew who he was. “Small world,” he said.

Dylan nodded. “No shit.”

“Did I win?”

His lips curved into a smile. “Didn’t you always?” 


Roxanne St. Claire

"It's a favorite [from Barefoot in the Sun] because Zoe always makes me laugh and she really does have a vibrator named Wild Bill Hickcock ... and Oliver can definitely do things Bill cannot." — Roxanne St. Claire

Oliver lifted his head and looked at her, his face wet, his eyes almost black, his jaw clenched as he ground into Zoe again. "Bet your vibrator named Bill can't do that."

"No." She fought for her next breath. "He doesn't have that setting." 

You can read part two of our 2013 bookfair coverage here. We want to say a huge thank you for all the wonderful authors at the Giant Book Fair and we hope to see you again at next year's RT Booklovers Convention.