Inspirational Book Recommendations: April 2013

Everyone is searching for something. And if you are searching for that next great faith-based read, then you are in luck! Today we bring you recommendations on great inspirational books releasing this month.


Family is at the center of many inspirational novels, and for good reason. There is nothing better than a loving, supportive home life. However, several characters in April books don’t have the strong connections they deserve, so they go searching for something more. In Evangeline Kelley’s Seaside Harmony three sisters attempt to reconnect while they start a business on Nantucket Island. In Beth Wiseman’s The House That Love Built single mother Brooke Holloway recently lost her husband, however, she gets a second chance at happiness when she meets next door neighbor Owen Saunders. And Heiress of Winterwood by Sarah E. Ladd shows readers that family is not always about blood, but caring. In this story, Amelia Barrett made a promise to a dying friend to take care of her baby and Amelia will do anything and everything — including entering a marriage-of-convenience — in order to make sure infant Lucy stays safe.

Finding or rediscovering faith can be one of the most life changing, and life affirming, moments a person can experience. The heroine in Maureen Lang’s All in Good Time knows this and uses her resources to help women out of desperate situations by introducing them to God’s love. In this historical novel, Dessa Caldwell has been called to open Pierson House a place where “women of the night” can regroup and leave behind their past in order to start a new future. Surrendered Love by Laura V. Hilton is not about discovering faith, but rather restoring it. Troy Troyer left the Amish community eight years ago to becoming a police officer, but he is now considering giving up his “English” ways in order to reconnect with his beliefs and sweetheart Janna Kauffman. The hero in Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith’s novel may be A Cowboy at Heart, but when he finds himself recuperating at a widowed Amish woman’s home, this ranchin’ man just may how found the peace he didn’t know he needed under the healing care and spiritual guidance of Katie Miller.   

Sometimes faith is all a person has to see them through hardships. And there is nothing more difficult to survive than war. Caught in a web of fighting and betrayals, this month readers can find several characters who need to escape the terror of war. In Sweet Sanctuary by Kim Vogel Sawyer, Dr. Micah Hatcher is not looking for a way out of war ravaged Europe after WWII, but instead he is working on helping the refugee children from Hitler’s death camps to find freedom and safety. Murray Pura’s Whispers of a New Dawn also takes place in the 1940s and gives a “snapshot in history” of the toll that the destruction at Pearl Harbor took on a generation of Americans, specifically the Whetstones, a missionary family.

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