Inspirational Book Recommendations: July 2013

Life can be considered many things, but most will agree it is a journey, a journey to self-discovery, love and home. We learn the most important lessons as we navigate the winding road and every experience — both good and bad — helps us grow and continue forward. Many of the characters in the inspirational stories featured this month have a journey of their own to take, so be sure to check out these books to see where they end up.

Home is a refuge for many, but sometimes it requires people to travel to unexpected places. In Vicki McDonough’s Whispers on the Prairie, Sarah Marshall is stranded in Kansas after her abusive guardian is killed during her journey west. She soon ends up living with the widowed Aaron Harper and his family. Will she choose to return to Chicago or forge a new life on the frontier? Sarah isn't the only one who is in a new place. Heroine Elizabeth Martin finds herself still trying to win over wagonmaster Eli Kincade as she and her children reach the end of their journey in Melody Carlson’s A Home at Trail’s End, the final book in the Homeward on the Oregon Trail series. In Michael K. ReynoldsIn Golden Splendor, Seamus Hanley believes he will find his home in California, where a beautiful woman he has never met resides. After finding a letter with her photograph, Seamus sets out to track her down and start a new life.

While Sarah, Elizabeth, and Seamus search for new places to live, the characters in these next books find themselves returning home in need of help. In Kate Lloyd’s Pennsylvania Patchwork, Holly Fisher and her mother return to Lancaster County and are welcomed into the arms of their Amish relatives. But after living with English luxuries, will Holly be able to go back to the Amish lifestyle? And what about her feelings for the Mennonite vet with a dark past? On the other side of the country, in Mistaken by Karen Barnett, Daniel Shepherd returns to Port Angeles, Washington, to help with the family drugstore. But Laurie Burke believes Daniel is involved with an illegal rum smuggling operation, an operation she’s trying to free her brother from. With rumors and allegations running rampant, Daniel will have to decide who’s a friend and who’s a foe. Meanwhile, in The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim, Rachel Stolzfus finds herself calling on the members of her community to come to her aid when her son is diagnosed with cancer. Will her former friends and relatives overcome their prejudices or will they abandon Rachel when she needs them most?

Last, but certainly not least, readers will journey down the path of self-discovery with the characters and stories found in these books. The Gift of a Legacy by Jim Stovall is a tale about Joey Anderson, a selfish young man who wants nothing more than to claim the money from his grandmother’s estate — but first he’ll have to meet certain conditions before receiving his share. As he sets out to obtain the money, Joey finds himself gaining more than he bargained for and his life changes in unexpected ways. In Debby Mayne’s Pretty Is As Pretty Does, Priscilla Slater prides herself on her chain of salons and her personal success as a hairdresser. But in her mother and former classmates believe she has yet to live up to her title of “Most Likely to Succeed”. Will her confidence waver in the wake of her class’ 10th reunion, or will Priscilla learn she’s more valuable than she believes? Be sure to pick up Pretty Is As Pretty Does to find out!

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