Inspirational Book Recommendations: June 2013

Those who live in faith know that their talents are gifts from God. And to honor their Maker, these precious abilities should be used to help others. This month there are many inspirational characters who embrace their skills in order to realize their full potential. They must learn to accept their gifts and embrace their passion in life. Do you like characters who fight to not just survive but really live? If so, make sure to check out these June inspirational tale.

Music is food for the soul. But those blessed with this talent can have a tough road. The music industry is brutal. With the fame, that comes along with this career, it is easy to be blinded by the bright lights and temptations. In A Simple Song by Melody Carlson, we meet teenager Katrina, a gifted singer who happens to be Amish. When she enters a national singing competition she finds herself on a television show where her beliefs are severely tested. Will she choose the glamour of Hollywood or will she return to her simple life? Next up is Grounded by Neta Jackson & Dave Jackson. Heroine Grace is filled with doubt when she loses her fiancé because of career as a Christian artist. When she begins to have issues with her voice she wonders if music is the path that God has planned for her. Finally, we have Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? by the real life husband-and-wife country couple known as Thompson Square. This book tells the story of a couple who has drifted apart, but the drive to create that one perfect song brings them back together. Will a shared talent rekindle lost love? 

Medicine is not just a passion, but a calling. In Widow of Gettysburg by Jocelyn Green, Liberty is drawn to the Civil War battlefield to help the wounded. Can healing others help her heal herself? Sleeping in Eden by Nicole Baart features Dr. Lucas Hudson, a man who thinks he is responsible for the wellbeing of an entire town. When he is confronted with a mystery he feels honor bound to get to the truth. The last doctor who faces life changes is Jace Rawling in An Open Heart by Harry Kraus. In this story, Jace flees to Kenya, Africa after a high profile scandal. When his new patients begin to awake from anesthesia with warnings from beyond, Jace wonders if good and evil are battling for him. With his soul in danger, Jace must figure out which side he is on.

A topic that is near and dear to an author's heart is that of writing. But what happens when others are not supportive of your life’s work? In The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer writer Lydia is asked to write stories about her childhood and what it is like to grow up Amish and what it is like to to go back after living English. When her stories upset her community, Lydia must decide if she will give up her love of the written word. In Katie’s Choice by Amy Lillard, Zane Carson is a writer who is trying to understand the Amish way of life. He meets Katie, an Amish teacher who had her heartbroken when her ex left her to live English. Zane considers leaving his life behind to start a new one with Katie when her ex shows up again. Will Zane's newfound love thrive, or will this writer be penning tales of woe? You'll just have to pick up this newly released inspirational book to find out!

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