Inspirational Book Recommendations: May 2013

No matter where you find yourself, tomorrow and the next day and the next will always bring something new. This topic of change is at the center of many faith based reads releasing this month. Do you want to meet characters who face new opportunities and situations? If so, make sure to check out these inspirational books. 

No relationship is static. The feelings people have towards each other evolve and change over time. If you want to follow the journey that couples travel while on their way to true love, then there are several inspy tales that are sure to get your attention. First up is Jewel of the Pacific by Linda Lee Chaikin. In this story, Rafe and Eden are set to marry, but when Rafe must unexpectedly leave on a short trip and his goodbye note is lost, will the couple ever make their way down the aisle or is their love damaged forever? In Adoring Addie by Leslie Gould, Addie and Jonathon are star crossed lovers whose families are against a union. Can these two overcome a long-standing feud or will Addie be forced to marry someone else? And finally, in the modern day fairytale Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck, an average woman falls for nice-guy Nate. The only problem? Nate is actually Prince Nathaniel of Brighton and as a future king, he cannot marry an outsider, that is, unless the rules are changed.

While there may be no place like home, nobody ever said that you can’t find a new home. The characters in the following novels certainly try hard to discover the joy in relocating. This includes Stephanie and Lindell London in Kim Cash Tate’s The Color of Hope. This couple moves to the small town of Hope Springs from St. Louis. But when her husband decides to travel to Haiti to continue his humanitarian efforts, Stephanie needs to decide if her new home base is right for her. Then in Sweet Mercy by Ann Tatlock, teenager Eve moves with her parents from a dangerous city to quiet hamlet Mercy, Ohio. However, not everything in this historical tale is peaceful and this new town may threaten Eve's safety. While Jodi from Beverly Lewis from The Guardian doesn’t move very far, she finds herself in a whole new world. When Jodi discovers a young girl along a road, she takes her to the nearest community, Hickory Hollow, which happens to be populated by the Amish. Charmed by her surroundings as well as new friends, Jodi wonders if a higher power didn’t lead her to this new place.

A chosen career can reveal a lot about a person. Take, for instance, the sisters in Evangeline Kelley’s Sunflower Summer. When Caroline, Gracie and Sam decide to take over operating the Misty Harbor Inn, this shows that they are willing to work hard and also are not afraid to try something new. Meg Cole from Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade is also facing a change in careers when her father dies, leaving her is oil company. With so much on her mind, Meg decides that her father’s other holding, a horse ranch, needs to be shut down. When manager Bo makes it clear he doesn’t want to leave the ranch, will Meg change her mind or will her new high-powered job keep her from the good things in life — mainly a relationship with her new employee?

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