Inspirational Comic Books From Kingstone Comics

Author and RT’s Columnist on comics, graphic novels and manga, Anne Elizabeth shares a look at Kingstone Media Group and chats about how faith-based comic books have found their niche with Kingstone Comics’ President Art Ayris.

There’s a new comic book company joining the shelves alongside Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse and IDW: Kingstone Comics. 

Today the president of Kingstone Comics, Art Ayris, gives RT readers the inside track on why he began this faith-based company and what it means to him. 

“My wife was a television director and producer and I had some friends in the film and television business so I had been around that part of media and communication for years, but more on the fringes. Then I had some success in screenwriting with winning some writing awards, including Best TV Movie in Hollywood's Next Success contest. About the same time we saw some niches that were not being adequately served in the graphic media market and decided to throw our hat in the ring as a publisher so we could manage and promote great new content - as well as market it to film and television companies,” Ayris told me. 

After making the rounds at the National Book Expo, American Library Association and Christian Retailers market, Ayris is comfortable chatting about his history in the entertainment industry.

 “In 2005 we did a small film called The Touch and did some comic book research and development but almost exactly a year ago we finished receiving the capital to launch the publishing company. We are pretty defined by our niches and strong cinematic bent. Our strong preference is for anything we felt has cinematic potential. Bay Forest Books: cinematic fiction for the ABA trade; Kingstone Comics: comics and graphic novels for the faith market; Galaxy Comics: sci-fi and action-adventure comics and graphic novels and Kingstone Fiction: fiction for the CBA market.”

Among Kingstone’s most recent stories optioned by Hollywood are The Disappearing Man, Sudan and several of the Kingstone Comic Bible stories.

Of these Ayris says, “The Bible comics are by far our most popular comics to date.”  These books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Store, Mardel, and Parable as well as Apple. 

His parting words were: “We have a growing slate of talent that I would encourage readers to check out on our websites.” I, for one, will be taking him up on this advice. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the new publisher does next!

- Anne Elizabeth

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