Inspirational Publisher Tyndale House To Launch Digital First Imprint

Tyndale House, the Christian book publisher, has just announced that it will be launching a Digital First imprint. Readers will be able to purchase these e-book originals from online retailers starting this July.

In an effort to appeal to many different types of readers, Digital First's debut titles include a variety of genres and even a non fiction book. Fiction novels include Stealing Jake by Pam Hillman which is a historial romance; Delivery, a mainstream women’s fiction by Diana Prusik; Cash Burn a suspense novel by Michael Berrier and The Reinvention of Leona Harper, a contemporary story by Lynne Gentry. The non fiction work is 40 Days Without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul by Russ Masterson. For this book, Masterson goes on a month and a half long fast in order to explore what really matters in life. 

Associate publisher Karen Watson says of the new imprint, “Our challenge is that we see more publish-worthy novels than we can reasonably take to print in a year. This initiative gives us a way to say yes to books that deserve an opportunity and it helps Tyndale become more agile in serving a wider range of readers.”

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