Inspirational YA Giveaway: Amy Clipston's Roadside Assistance & Destination Unknown

Listen, it can be hard figuring out who you are — who you're supposed to be. It's the only possible explanation we can think of as to why those quizzes are so popular on Facebook. And it's why we think Amy Clipston's inspirational YA so speaks to teens — and, ahem, adults who read YA. In Amy's two latest contemporary-set YA stand-alones, two teens find their own way, and become better people for it. In Roadside Assistance, car fanatic Emily and her dad must move in with her wealthy aunt after the hospital bills from Emily's mother's death leave them broke. Emily must fight against expectations of what a young lady should be, and maybe the cute boy with the 1970 Dodge Challenger can help. Meanwhile in Destination Unknown, always perfect Whitney gets a D in calculus. Her cute and different tutor, Taylor, helps her see what expectations have done to her life, and how she wants to change them.




These sound so good, right? Well we've got three sets of both Roadside Assistance and Destination Unknown to give away! Just enter below. U.S. residents only. And for more stories of growth and renewal, visit our Everything Inspirational page. 

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