Interview With Erotica Author Sunny And Giveaway!

Today RT’s Web Editor Morgan Doremus chats with paranormal erotic romance author Sunny about her popular Mona Lisa and Lucinda series, how she transitioned into her career as an erotica author and what fans can expect next!

Morgan: I would love to start out by discussing your most well known books, the Mona Lisa series which features the Monères race. While these characters are technically aliens since they originated on the moon, your stories are generally labeled 'paranormal' rather than 'science fiction' — why do you think this is?

Sunny: That was one of the difficulties my editor, Cindy Hwang, had: how to categorize Mona Lisa Awakening. In fact, like yourself, she thought it was more of a sci-fi/fantasy book when she first began to read it and passed the manuscript over to Ginjer Buchanan, who acquires for their ACE imprint at Penguin Putnam. Ms. Buchanan read until she hit the first hot love scene then passed it back to Cindy Hwang, who specializes in romance.

There’s a lot of crossover in my story: a little bit of science fiction, a lot of fantasy, and even more erotic romance. My editor finally said they decided the correct category for my book was a dark fantasy novel. Me—I always thought I was just writing a romance.

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BLOG UPDATE 4/18/11: And the winners are ... Samantha LeAnne, Sarah Joseph and em90y