Interview With Thriller Author Norb Vonnegut

This month former stockbroker turned financial blogger and thriller writer Norb Vonnegut releases his second novel, The Gods of Greenwhich. With this story Vonnegut, who is the cousin of deceased American literature legend Kurt, feeds our fears about the global market with his malicious power brokers. In this exclusive interview, Vonnegut chats with RT’s Web Editor Morgan Doremus about the state of America’s economy, some of the craziest Wall Street stunts he’s ever heard about and what readers can expect from him next!

Morgan Doremus: Financial negligence or even out-and-out larceny is topical in today’s ‘econopocalypse’. For some the failings of the men and women behind the scenes of the US market is a source of fascination, for others a frustration. What are your feelings towards what is happening today with America’s economy?

Norb Vonnegut: Unemployment at 9.8 percent is considered a recovery. Our national debt is around $14.7 trillion. Congress is gridlocked over the budget. This stuff is too scary for the beach, so I don’t write about it in my thrillers. I do, however, dive into the wild behavior of people trying to get ahead in the crazy competitive world of finance.

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Get ready to meet the author. On April 28th you can join Norb Vonnegut at an author event in New York City. Judith Regan will be taping her talk show from Kiss & Fly on 409  West 13th street starting at 9 pm. You are invited to spend time with the author, drink, watch the show and mingle with the other attendees!