Introducing Adam, Jacquelyn Frank's Latest Nightwalker!

Bestselling paranormal author Jacquelyn Frank takes readers behind the scenes of her latest Nightwalker installment, Adam. Discover what makes Adam an ideal hero, who the most important people in his life are and when you can get your hands on his tale!

Hello my beautiful friends and devotees of the Nightwalker World! I know, I know! It’s been so long since you’ve heard from this series! Three years since Noah, in fact, if I am counting correctly. Sigh. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging (lie) so long. And it really wasn’t so long (lie) if you think about it because I did write the Shadowdwellers series, which is a race of Nightwalkers and did advance the Nightwalker World plot. (Technicality.)

Anyway, I’m here now with the glorious Adam in tow. Ah, my man Adam. What can I say about him? He’s the epitome of the favored hero. Tall. Dark. Handsome. An ass-kicker. He’s a highly skilled hunter, well beyond his years, and what he lacks in skill he makes up for in being outright ballsy. Unlike his serious younger brother Jacob, who is meticulous to a fault, Adam has the ability to pull a victory out of his tightly honed gluteus maximus with just instinct and guts.

But all of that is just icing to the things that I feel makes him a real hero. For one, family means everything to him. I perhaps explored this devotion in my character because I am very envious of those to whom family means everything. Adam with drop everything, risk everything, in order to be there for the family he loves. You have to love someone with that kind of heartfelt fidelity. And you have to imagine how that can be easily transferred to the other things in his life he sees that require powerful devotion on his part. (longing sigh.)

Adam debuts in bookstores, in e-book and in audio format today. I look forward to hearing feedback on this story because I took a great many risks in order to take you on the ride of your life. I hope they pay off, and the advanced reviews have been saying I most certainly have done so…but it’s not the reviewers I am interested in pleasing. While I value their feedback, it means nothing without your good opinions. You are the devotees of this series and you are the ones that deserve the very best I have to offer. That is always my goal, and I hope Adam is just the kind of hero to win your hearts.

Not to mention Jasmine…but we already know exactly what she’s like! (snicker) But she may yet surprise you! Anyway, you can find book summaries for Adam and all of the Nightwalker series on my website, as well as a printable list for the entire series and the order in which it should be read so you can truck it to the bookstore with you and, if it happens to be out of stock, so you can hand it to the clerk for ordering. While on the site you can sign up for my newsletter, which should be coming soon, check out my blog where I have amazing guest bloggers like Gena Showalter, Sylvia Day, MaryJanice Davidson ... and many of your other favorites. Also, I am on Facebook and Twitter (who isn’t?) and I have a role-playing fan page on Facebook where fans take on the roles of your favorite characters in the series and play out fun skits. I hope you’ll come by and enter our Nightwalker family.

Hugs and Kitties,

- Jacquelyn Frank

You can pick up your own copy of Adam in stores today. And for more genre news and coverage, head over to our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!