It's all Geek to Her! Mechele Armstrong on Science Fiction Conventions and Geek Culture

In Mechele Armstrong’s new novel Geek Love, much of the action is woven through a science fiction convention and the story is full of geek culture references. Now find out what makes this “a great time to get your geek on” and find out the author’s top five things you should know about science fiction conventions. And don’t miss the *Web Exclusive Review* and the excerpt of Geek Love at the end of this post!

I’m a geek.

There. I said it again. It’s something I’ve embraced as I’ve gotten older and actually been glad to have that admission behind me.  With the success of science fiction franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and Dr. Who, with the popularity of blogging, Twitter, podcasting, and Facebook that give you actors’/actresses’/technology people’s thoughts in real time, and with so many more people embracing their geekiness, not a bad time to be one. I can definitely say that it’s a great time to get your geek on.  

When I heard about the submission call that Liquid Silver put out for geek stories, I had to write one. Geek Love was so much fun to write. My husband helped with geeky research. I decided to set my story at a science fiction/gaming convention. Yes, I’ve been to one or two small ones. 

So…what are the top five things you should know about science fiction conventions?

1. It’s science fiction. Not sci fi or sci-fi. The shortening has generally been used in the pejorative sense about the genre. Speculative fiction is another term you will hear. That brings in fiction that is paranormal, urban fantasy, futuristic in nature as opposed to true science fiction. 

2. Joss Whedon is a God. LOL that might be my own bias. But the fans of Firefly/Serenity and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are very serious about those shows. Browncoats are the fans of Firefly. I count myself among them. 

3. There are all kinds of versus in the science fiction landscape. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. The movie, Fan Boys, deals with this very issue. Kirk vs. Picard. Old Battlestar Gallactica versus new Battlestar Galactica. The list goes on and on. Fans believe passionately in one side or the other. Arguing will never, ever convince the opposing side. 

4. Trekker and Trekkie are two different legions of fans of Star Trek. Some prefer one term over the other. 

5. Expect to see costumes that are out of this world. Literally. From storm troopers to Princess Leia to vampires to faeries to Browncoats to the Federation to Ferengi to homegrown aliens. Not everyone dresses up but it’s a good place to try if that interests you.

It’s just a short list. There’s of course more in Geek Love from gaming (Xbox 360 and Halo) to Klingons (alien race from Star Trek with their own language). At its core, Geek Love is a story about two people finding their soul mate despite obstacles both external and internal. Love rocks all worlds. Even ones in geek universes. 

- Mechele Armstrong

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