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I've Got Something Under My Hood That Needs Fixin': Mechanic Heroes

Mechanics in contemporary romance are nothing new. Crazy For You by Jennifer Crusie, anyone? Nick, the man who woos Quinn after she ends her relationship with drab “nice guy” Bill (who takes her new dog to the pound, which is pure evil if you ask me), might be one of the most notable examples of a mechanic hero. But lately, rugged grease monkeys have been popping up more frequently in romance.

The current mechanic trend is undoubtedly influenced by the popularity of motorcycle club (MC) romances, but isn’t exclusive to them. Tack from Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man is a motorcycle club president who also owns a custom car and bike shop. Ashley’s Lady Luck, however, is not an MC romance but still features a mechanic hero — Ty Walker. Regardless, MC romances have definitely played a part in reintroducing readers to the deliciousness of mechanic heroes.

The covers of One Sexy Ride by Vivian Arend and Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

Best part about mechanic romance heroes? Their strategically placed tools on covers.

Vivian Arend’s new self-published Thompson & Sons series started with the novella “Rocky Ride” in the Marked anthology and continues with One Sexy Ride, available today. Hero Len Thompson works in his family’s garage and has always wanted a relationship with his best friend’s sister, Janey, and when he learns she's about to leave town, he has to move quick if he wants to keep her around. Update: The author Tweeted that Len is also a virgin hero!

Jaci Burton’s Oklahoma-set Hope series features some small town blue collar men, and book three, Hope Burns, will introduce readers to Carter Richards, who started his career as a mechanic and worked his way up to owning several auto repair shops. In fact, if you went to RT Con this year, you might already be familiar with Carter’s abs thanks to the cover used in one of Jaci’s elevator clings. (I kept getting in that elevator and stared every single time.) Hope Burns, releasing in September, follows heroine Molly Burnett as she returns to Hope for her sister's wedding, only to run into Carter, with whom she shares a past. But c’mon Molly, are you really going to resist a sexy hero with a '67 Shelby Mustang?

Author Maisey Yates is also helping readers feed their mechanic hero craving. She Tweeted Friday that she just signed a novella in her upcoming Copper Ridge series (book 1 releases next May) that stars a mechanic hero and a coffee shop-owning heroine.

Photo of a Tweet from maisey Yates announcing her mechanic novella.

And finally, it’s not technically romance (although at this point in the series, Mercy is mated with shifter Adam), but I can’t talk about mechanics in genre fiction without mentioning Patricia Briggs’ popular Mercy Thompson series. Volkswagen mechanic by day, coyote shifter by night, Mercy is the ultimate Mrs. Fix It.

Do you have a favorite mechanic hero (or heroine)? Let me know in the comments! For more genre news and coverage visit our Everything Romance page.