Janet Evanovich Is Making Waves

Bestselling author Janet Evanovich is branching out — again. The author is starting a new series and leaving her Jersey setting for the greater Boston area, and focusing on a whole different type of detecting, this time with a paranormal bent.

The series first, Wicked Appetite, is being billed as "An Unmentionable Diesel and Tucker novel." It introduces seven mysterious stones, which are linked to the seven deadly sins. The extraordinary Gerwulf Grimoire is seeking the stones and needs pastry chef Elizabeth Tucker to help him locate them. And Elizabeth Tucker’s life gets even more complicated when a guy named Diesel shows up promising to protect her. But how much can she trust a guy with a ninja cat, a rude monkey and his own interest in these mystical stones?

There's also been lots of movement on the Stephanie Plum front for the author this week.

Rumors broke yesterday about Evanovich leaving St. Martin’s Press. The company, which has been her publisher since 1996, reportedly refused to meet Evanovich’s $50 million dollar asking price for four more Plum novels. However, the author quickly told Publishers Weekly "I'm currently in contract negotiations, and the details of those negotiations are private," but she said, "I dearly love everyone at SMP and consider them family."

In addition to more Stephanie Plum novels in the works, the fictional heroine is coming to the big screen. The project, which is currently in pre-production, is slated to star Katherine Heigl as the intrepid P.I. According to The Daily News, the movie rights to a screen adaptation of One For The Money belonged to Columbia Tristar before the novel was even published!

In addition to her new series, contract negotiations and movie news, the author is moving forward on her graphic novel project, which you can read all about here. She currently is not slated to continue her Alex Barnaby series in non-graphic novels. The author is also no longer co-writing a thriller project with Stephen Cannell. But for the immediate future? Evanovich readers can expect Wicked Appetite to hit shelves this September.


BLOG UPDATE 7/27/2010: Evanovich has just sold four new novels, two "unmentionables" and two Stephanie Plum novels, to Ballantine Bantam Dell.