January's Harlequin Historicals Are Full Of Secrets

Secrets old and new twist up the plots of this month's Harlequin Historical Romances. Perceived betrayals, hidden treasures and fake identities keep these heroes and heroines struggling to determine what is the truth  — and whether or not they can trust the objects of their affection. 


A Dark and Brooding Gentleman
By Margaret McPhee

When Sebastian Hunter finds his mother's companion searching for a family heirloom, he is aghast. Should he trust the lovely Phoebe Allardyce when she says she's being blackmailed to steal?

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The Lady Confesses
By Carole Mortimer 

There's something not quite right about Nathaniel Thorne's aunt's companion, who certainly doesn't act like a companion. Can Elizabeth Copeland's charade as Betsy the servant withstand this handsome man's scrutiny?

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Scandal at the Cahill Saloon
By Carol Arens

After leaving town two years ago, Leanna Cahill is back — with an illigitimate baby on her hip. But Cleve Holden believes that the child is actually his sister's son. Will trying to get the baby back uncover other, more deadly, Cahill secrets?

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Captured for the Captain's Pleasure
By Ann Lethbridge

When Michael Hawkhurst, aka the pirate Captain Lionhawk, captures Alice Fulton, it is not long before the pair fall in love. But soon after they retire from a life at sea, Alice learns that Michael married her for revenge — can she forgive him or has this betrayal destroyed their union?

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Glory and the Rake
By Deborah Simmons

Glory Sutton wants to re-open Philtwell's mineral water well as a spa, however the locals — and treasure hunters from far and wide — are all against the idea. The well, which was a gift from a former Queen, came with a secret, valuable inheritance that has been lost for years. Will the Duke of Westfield help Glory find the prize in time for the spa to open successfully?

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The Duke's Governess Bride
Miranda Jarrett 

Richard, the Duke of Aston, travels to Venice to meet his daughters and their companion. Little does he know that there are surprises in store for him. Jane has unexpectedly helped the girls make successful marriages. But instead of getting mad at Jane, Richard is more interested into getting to know the vibrant, passionate woman. It's not long before Jane and Richard are exploring Venice together and falling in love — but will dark secrets destroy their happy future?

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