Jasmine Haynes On Her DeKnight Series Finale, The Principal's Office

Contemporary erotic romance author Jasmine Haynes treats readers to steamy stories, typically about middle-aged heroines facing their fears and being rewarded in some seriously sexy ways. Haynes most recent release, The Principal's Office, is the third in her DeKnight trilogy. Learn more about the series finale and find out what the author has in store for her next sizzling series.

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If any of you have read my books, you’ve probably already noticed that I like to add what I’ll call “women’s issues” to the story.

For a full-length erotic romance, for me, there has to be more than just the sex. I chose to use realism rather than fantasy or paranormal elements because often I feel that we, as women, tend to put ourselves last, always doing for others and ignoring our own needs. Many of us have jobs outside the home, handling work life and family life, then there’s divorce, being a single mother, starting new relationships, dealing with aging parents, losing a loved one, and just plain old getting older. Many of my heroines are over forty because I strive to tell my female readers that a love life doesn’t end after forty, or even after fifty.

The Principal’s Office deals with several of these issues. My heroine, Rachel, is turning forty; she’s recently divorced and has suddenly been thrust back into the work world after having been a stay-at-home mom. She’s raising two teenage sons, dealing with her problematic ex-husband. And in all this, she’s stopped having time for herself. She’s become almost an asexual being. Isn’t that what happens to many of us, with the wear and tear of daily life? We forget ourselves in all of this. But then Rachel meets a handsome stranger. And life suddenly becomes extremely interesting for her. My stories are definitely fantasies, but I hope they also impart a message, too, that it’s okay for us to take care of ourselves as well. This is especially true when dealing with aging parents or when we lose our parents. That is the theme of What Happens After Dark, Book 2 in the DeKnight Tales.

In my new West Coast series, I tackle work issues, a favorite theme of mine since I come from a corporate background. Revenge Sex, Book 1, explores what happens when you fall for the boss.

I’d like to invite you to read the full book blurb and excerpt for The Principal’s Office on my website. You’ll find more info on all my releases, including the first two books in the DeKnight trilogy, Past Midnight, Book 1, and What Happens After Dark, Book 2.

- Jasmine Haynes

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