Jasper Fforde's Paranormal YA Series Is Coming To The U.S.

Clear your September schedule, friends, because you're going to be busy reading Jasper Fforde's debut YA, The Last Dragonslayer. That's right: Jasper Fforde — whom you already love from his Thursday Next series, where he introduces readers to an alternate reality where people keep dodos as pets, cavemen are second citizens and people fall in and out of books — is writing YA. And it sounds amazing. We can't wait.

The series stars Jennifer Strange, a teen who runs Kazam Mystical Arts Management, a company which, according to the author's website, uses "the now-failing power of wizards to do such mundane jobs as installing domestic electrical circuits by telepathy or delivering live organs by flying carpet." See, the magic in Jennifer's world is fading, until suddenly it's not.

So much deliciousness that we can barely wait! The series, which debuted in the U.K. in 2010, will finally be here this fall. We love Jasper Fforde, and we love the Death Inc. concept, so color us excited. We'll keep you posted as we learn more. After getting a peek at the books' UK covers, we're considering staking out the Harcourt offices until they let us have an advanced copy. It won't be the first time.