Jay Crownover and the Do's and Don'ts of Dating a Bad Boy

Everybody loves reading about a bad boy and some of you might even be dating or have dated one in real life. But loving a bad boy isn't always easy, as many fictional heroines can atest. So we thought we'd ask New Adult author and bad boy expert Jay Crownover for some bad boy dating tips. Here's what she had to say:

Cover of Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover I spend a good portion of every single day neck deep in book bad-boys. I really do have the best job ever! By now I think I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on what makes bad-boys tick and what makes them so much fun not only to write, but to love as well. I can’t say that there are any hard and fast rules when it comes to getting involved with a bad-boy because let’s face it, in the world of a true bad-boy, rules are always made to be broken. However, these are some do’s and don’ts that I think are pretty common if a lady or a book heroine wants to survive a relationship with a bad-boy.

Don’t judge a bad-boy by his badass swagger. He didn’t come out of the womb a baby tough guy. Things in his life had to make him that way and finding out what makes him tick, getting to the heart of the bad-boy under all that armor is the best part of the journey to loving him. Figuring out what makes a bad-boy bad is how his lady can get him to act good just for her when she needs him to.

Do give as good as you get! (and yes I mean in bed and out!) No bad-boy worth his salt wants a lady he can walk all over and he needs a girl that can stand with him in the tornado of trouble he’s bound to whip up every now and again. I think a bad-boy needs a girl that will stick by his side through thick and thin, and the way he rewards her is what makes writing them in romance so much dirty fun.

Don’t expect miracles or an overnight transformation. Let’s be honest, bad-boys have an undeniable allure because they are just that - BAD. After a lady inserts herself in his life, it’s silly to expect him to change, to turn into a choir boy and start acting all warm and fuzzy. Sure every girl wants a bad-boy that will be good just for her, but the reality is that bad is part of who he is and the lady that loves him should take him as he comes. Just like he should appreciate her and not try and lure her over to the dark side.

Do be patient. Chances are if the bad-boy has fallen for that one special girl then its new territory for him. Mostly bad-boys are used to getting what they want from whoever they want it from. Settling down takes some time and there will be a learning curve. His lady just needs to trust that when he screws up he’ll know it, and like everything else in a bad-boy’s life he’ll fight for who he loves and getting away from him won’t ever be easy.

Don’t be scared to try new thing (again, yes I mean in bed and out!) Who better to walk on the wild side with, to try all those secret, naughty things a lady never talks about with than a sexy bad-boy? He’s going to push buttons, he’s going to stretch boundaries and he’s going to do it knowingly while waiting to see how his girl reacts. He’s always going to try and get his girl to cross the line and when she does it the way he rewards her burns up the pages. He’s also going to bring you into his bad-boy world, which might not always be pretty, but if a heroine wants to stay with a bad-boy she just needs to learn to roll with it.

And finally the most important thing to do is fight as hard, love as deeply, challenge as much as the bad-boy is bound to do to their woman. Do love a bad-boy unconditionally. A bad-boy’s lady can’t ever let go or give up on her man because it’s never going to be easy to be with them. They’re gonna fight for their women, they are going to make it hard to love them, they are going to make their women want to pull their hair out. In the end, though, loving a bad-boy is high risk high reward and so much sexy fun!

- Jay Crownover

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