Jayne Ann Krentz's Conspiracy Theories

Author Jayne Ann Krentz talks conspiracy theories and the part they play in her new novel, In Too Deep!

In real life conspiracy theories create endless entertainment for those who choose to believe them because there is never any way to prove a negative. And since there is always a negative to be proven at the heart of a true conspiracy theory, there can never be any resolution to the mystery. The game can go on for decades or even centuries.
In real life conspiracy theories are nonsense. But they make for great fiction plots. However, contrary to popular opinion, I would like to point out that I have never actually used a conspiracy theory in any of my plots. Yes, many of the characters in my Arcane Society novels believe that Fallon Jones, a psychic private investigator and the hero of In Too Deep, is inclined toward a world view that is drenched in conspiracy theories but that is not true. Fallon is terribly misunderstood by those around him. And he does tend to be a glass-half-empty kind of guy. But he is, at heart, a Sherlock Holmes type character. Facts and context matter to Fallon. Facts and context do not matter to true conspiracy buffs.
But if people do not understand how a psychic detective arrives at his conclusions they are liable to slap the “conspiracy theorist” label on him. And that is what has happened to Fallon Jones as he wages a battle in the shadows against Nightshade, a deadly criminal organization composed of rogue psychics.
The next time you’re at a cocktail party, just trying explaining to folks that you are working to destroy a bunch of bad guys with psychic powers who are after a secret formula that will enhance their paranormal talents. Trust me, by the time the evening is over, the other guests will be calling you a conspiracy theorist, too. Which probably explains why Fallon doesn’t get out much.
I do hope readers will enjoy Fallon’s story. Happy New Year to all!
- Jayne Ann Krentz
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