Jean M. Auel To Complete The Earth Children Series

Author Jean M. Auel is set to complete the bestselling Earth Children series with installment six, The Land Of Painted Caves.

Auel's Earth Children series has been making waves since the first title, Clan Of The Cave Bear, was released in 1980. It quickly became a modern classic. The third installment in the series, The Mammoth Hunters, also made history as the first hardcover novel with a one million-copy printing. The fifth book, The Shelters Of Stones (2002) released at the top of sixteen bestseller lists internationally.

And now Earth Children is making waves again. The Land Of Painted Caves will be released in hardcover and e-book format simultaneously around the world.

This series finale, in a deal between Crown (a division of Random House, Inc.) and the Jean Naggar Literary Agency, will be released on March 29th, 2011. So far the Naggar agency has also contracted like deals around the world, the U.K. Japan, Serbia and Spain are only a few of the countries where fans can eagerly anticipate this new release.

Before the release of The Land Of Painted Caves, Bantam will publish the series' five earlier installments in e-book format. Bantam, which owns the rights to publish Auel's paperback backlist, is also set to publish The Land Of Painted Caves when it comes to paperback in 2012.

Crown's president and publisher, Maya Mavhjee, has said The Land Of Painted Caves is a "stirring and satisfying finale."