Jeaniene Frost Announces Her New Realmwalker Series

Great news for fans of Jeaniene Frost! The author announced yesterday on her blog that she will be starting a new paranormal romance series with Realmwalker, which has a tentative release date of the series starter Fall 2014 and will be published by Harlequin's HQN line.

There's currently not much information available about what readers can expect, but we do know that the series will follow a young woman who discovers she's part of an ancient group of people with an unwanted destiny. A dark, obscure young man is seemingly her only ally, but when she learns that he's destined to betray her, she must fight to prevent her doomed future from causing the world's demise.

And in a signature Frost move, we can expect the love story that in the series to be an ongoing battle of wills. She admits to readers that we will be getting our HEA eventually, but not at the end of the first book. 

New to Frost is the genre she is writing. Known for adult Urban Fantasy and paranormal books, this new series' hero and heroine are slightly younger, putting this new series in the trendy "New Adult" category. Additionally, the new books will take place in a world where supernaturals exist alongside humans, but are mostly kept secret. If you're hoping the Realmwalker books will feature Frost's naughty (but, oh so nice) vampires, they won't, but Frost assures readers that the books will appeal to paranormal lovers and fans of her popular Night Huntress stories.

Like her Night Huntress series, the author says her idea for her Realmwalker series came to her in a dream:

"The idea came to me after a very vivid dream that gave me pieces of characters/a world I wanted to know more about (as regular blog readers know, that’s how the Night Huntress series was born). After I’d written about 15K words, I had to put it aside to work on more Cat and Bones books, but I never forgot about it."

Speaking of Cat and Bones, readers worried that this new series will impact the author's current Night Huntress and Night Prince books, have no fear. According to the author, this project won't interfere her current deadlines with Avon.

You can see the author's full announcement about the series, as well as read a short Q&A about the deal, here.

Want more Jeaniene Frost? The author will be making several appearances at the 2013 RT Booklovers Convention, May 1-5 in Kansas City, MO. You can view her convention schedule here and see the full convention agenda here. In addition to appearing on several paranormal romance panels at the RT Convention, Frost will also be on our New Adult panel, where she will hopefully reveal more details about her Realmwalkers!

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