Jeaniene Frost & Lynsay Sands Scavenger Hunt - HUGE GIVEAWAY!


GIVEAWAY: One commenter will win a $50 gift card and the complete Avon backlists of Jeaniene Frost and Lynsay Sands' supernatural tales.

Join us in the debate of whether the mythology of the traditional, Dracula-like vampires are best or if the technology driven stories of today's vamps get your attention. Pick your side before this week's release of the holiday anthology The Bite Before Christmas. Bestselling authors Jeaniene Frost and Lynsay Sands each write a story about their vampires — one uses old school techniques, the other embraces new mythos. Want to learn more about each author's series? Check out our quick guide below. And after reading about the stories, make sure to comment in order to enter into our HUGE GIVEAWAY. 



Series At A Glance: Frost's extremely popular Night Huntress series is also known by the nickname the Cat and Bones series. These books are a wild urban fantasy ride that take half-vampire heroine Cat, and her all-vampire partner, Bones, on a long journey. Along the way they meet ghouls, ghosts and other, extremely dangerous, creatures that go bump in the night.

The Origin Myth: Frosts vampires are all descendents of Cain, as in Cain and Abel. The "mark" that God put on the murderous brother was to turn him into one of the undead. Cain subsequently created vampires and ghouls, and all those that currently exist can trace their roots back to Cain. Although these vampires do come out during the day, they drink blood and can be killed by silver through the heart.

You Should Know: Although the series was originally slated to end after book seven, it will now end after book nine. Frost's Night Huntress World books feature secondary characters from the series as heroes and heroines. 




Series At A Glance: Sands' "The Gift" in The Bite Before Christmas is her eighteenth installment in the Argeneau vampire series. These lighthearted stories feature undead heroes and heroines in all walks of life, from vamps who hunt those that have gone rogue to fang-happy romance writers. Often the characters are also Canadian, just like the author. 

The Origin Myth: The Argeneau's vampiric traits come from Atlantis, centuries ago these characters (or their ancestors) lived in the legendary civilization. During that time, nanobots were infused into their blood stream. Originally these nanos only that repaired the body, keeping each person at his or her "peak" condition — keeping them healthy (and of course, good looking). But when Atlantis fell the nanos evolved and made their hosts better predators because the bots needed extra blood to survive. The Argeneau family's fans, speed and the night vision are all biproducts of that unexpected change!

You Should Know: The series began in 2004, however as the series switched publishers and were published out of order, there are two things new fans should know: first you can get the author's suggested reading order here and second the Rogue Hunter Novels are a mini-series within the larger group of books and they are all marked by having a moon and a bat on the cover.


GIVEAWAY ALERT: Weigh in on the discussion below and tell us which type of vampires you prefer, the "I vant to suck your blood" type or the modern day hip and happening vamps who have their own mythology? One winner will be selected from the comments below to receive their own library of Jeaniene Frost and Lyndsay Sands series and a $50 gift card!

BLOG UPDATE 10/24/2011: And the winner is ... Zinnia

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