Jeaniene Frost Wraps Up Her Book Tour

Paranormal author Jeaniene Frost recounts the last stop on her book tour by train across the South and shares a special message for all her fans.

Thursday was the final day on my tour for Eternal Kiss Of Darkness. My signing was set up for 7pm at the Borders store on Northlake Mall Drive in Charlotte. Around 5pm, the skies seemed to open up with torrential rain. New stations warned of frequent lighting strikes and storms lasting all evening. Since I live in Florida, this was Situation Normal for me, but my sister reminded me that this meant my signing would probably be sparsely attended. Made sense; no one likes to go out in nasty weather if they can avoid it (unless you also live in FL, and then it’s go out in it or don’t leave your home 5 out of the 12 months in a year). So I went to the store expecting to spend most of the evening in the company of me, myself, and I.

Therefore, I was very pleasantly surprised to find several people already waiting in the section Borders had set up for me. I’d arrived a little early and by the time 7 pm rolled around, a few more people had shown up, too. Never let it be said that rain and lightning can keep determined readers down! Everyone was in a good mood, too, despite the miserable weather. The store staff was awesome for passing around sample drinks that looked like mini chilled lattes and setting up a dessert platter on my table for anyone who wanted to get their sweet tooth on. I opened the signing by reading the first scene of Eternal Kiss of Darkness, and then followed that with the first scene from One For the Money, my short story in the Death’s Excellent Vacation anthology.

After that, I had a great time chatting with everyone about Eternal Kiss Of Darkness, plus what’s next for Cat and Bones, and what other characters I want to give their own books to (cough, Vlad, cough). During this, the rain and wind gusts got so strong that they blew over a few items set up by the automatic doors of the store entrance, so the doors had to be sealed. Nothing like having a captive audience! (Lest anyone be concerned about me teaming up with Mother Nature to keep readers there, don’t fret; there was another entrance/exit into the store – darn it *wink*).

Then the next half hour consisted of taking pictures, signing copies of new books, books people had brought from home, a few e-reader covers, too. One of the readers even had on a pair of faux fangs. Awesome! After signing everyone’s books, I chatted with a group of hardy souls who hung around despite it getting late, and the topic turned to another of my favorite things aside from books: horror movies. Everyone ante’d up on what movie scared/disturbed them the most (that would be Paranormal Activity for me), exchanged recommendations, and vented about horror movie remakes that they wished were never made (that would be Halloween for me). It was a wonderful way to finish up a great night.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on all the tour stops! You made my first “on the road” experience a really lovely one. Thanks also to everyone who stopped by to see my at the RWA convention. That was a lot of fun, too. I’ll be compiling a blog post in the next day or so with several pics from the convention and the tour stops, so stay tuned. If you’ve commented on my blog or sent me an email recently, sorry for the delay replying. Just got back home last night. Being out of town over 10 days has been hell on my inbox, lol.

- Jeaniene Frost

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