Jennifer Probst's Real Life Love Spell + An Audiobook Exceprt From Searching For Someday

You'd think a romance author would know a lot about finding love, right? Well today Jennifer Probst is here to tell you she hit a lot of bumps on the way to her own personal HEA, just like the rest of us. Jennifer, who is well known for her dashing billionaires, has a new book out about the magic of love, Searching for Someday. And here she reveals her own personal love spell! Plus, try a steamy audiobook excerpt of the book at the end of this post.

Dating is sometimes a real bitch.

Sorry, but I have to be honest. Not to show my age or something, but one of the lines I’ve always identified with is Charlotte from Sex in the City when she yells out regarding her search for Mr. Right: “I’ve been dating since I was fifteen. I’m exhausted! Where is he?”

Yeah. That.

I tried many things to find Mr. Right. I took all that goodhearted advice and involved myself in hobbies that made me happy. Unfortunately, that was Friday night Scrabble tournaments with my parents, and no men but the pizza guy ever showed up. I took Salsa lessons, got a crush on my teacher, and found he was married.

Then I found the secret ingredient.

A love spell.

Ah, I can hear some of you stomp away and the click of the keyboard as you close the page. How disappointing to be led to a solution and hear it’s about magic.

But it is. Because love is magic. So if we’re going to play the love game, we need to use a bit of magic ourselves.

There is nothing rational or safe about falling in love. It’s the scariest, ugliest, most vulnerable we can possibly be. Why should our techniques be logical? Why can’t we include an ingredient of mystery? Of hope? Of glamour?

Like all good ideas, my own love spell emerged from a drunken evening with my best friends. Each of us took our turn and described the type of men we dated, what worked, what didn’t and what we thought we were looking for.

That evening, we created our own love spell. I had learned in many of my yogic practices that the power of the universe will help guide us if we are open, weak for the right things. The things we NEED. Not necessarily things we WANT. Do you hear the Rolling Stones here? You can’t always get what you want … cue guitar …

We meditated on what we really need in our soul mates. Then we wrote it down. Words are extremely powerful, and when you commit them to paper, they harness the earth’s force. When we were satisfied with our lists, we put them underneath our mattress. When a person sleeps, the unconscious is aware and open. This was a way to harness that type of energy while we slept.

The work had been done. The intention created. The motives were clear.

We went on with our lives.

But things had changed. We were consistently open to all the possibilities no one noticed before. When we connected a few weeks later, we agreed something had been harnessed from the spell, and we were more in touch with our needs and the men around us. We dated more. One by one, we all found Mr. Right within the year. When we pulled out our hidden lists, all the qualities we requested were there.

Luck? Perhaps. Fate? Maybe. Coincidence? I doubt it.


I hope so.

I wish everyone luck in their pursuit of love and happiness. I have learned no matter what path you follow or crazy schemes you concoct, with an open heart, and pure mind and intentions, you will eventually find it. It’s never easy, though. But the best stuff usually isn’t.

I hope you check out my newest release in a brand new series, Searching for Someday. I take all the magical ingredients of a love spell book, a matchmaker, a cynic, a special touch passed on from generations, mix them up, and present them to my readers. My wish for you? A few hours of happiness, escape, and hope.

Happy Reading!

- Jennifer Probst

You guys, we totally want someone to try this and report back. For more inspiration, Searching for Someday is on sale now in stores and online! Want to try before you buy? Listen to a (very sexy) excerpt from the audiobook — read by Madeleine Maby — below! And for more love stories, visit our Everything Romance page.